Building A Collection Of Coins.

As a beginner, the coin collector is faced with the problem of how to build an interesting and attractive collection. Because they are so easy to obtain, it is sensible to begin with the ordinary circulation coin.

By keeping an eye on the coin he receives in his change, the collector can eventually assemble a complete series with an example dated each year that various coins were minted.

The next step in building a collection is to ask one's family and friends if they have any old coins which they no longer want. People who spend holidays abroad or have to travel overseas on business frequently return home with a few coins which they cannot exchange at the bank. It might be a good idea for the collector to mention to members of the family or friends going abroad that he would welcome a few new coins as souvenirs.

One method of obtaining coins is to exchange with other collectors. Unfortunately exchanging coins post, especially with people in other countries, is sometimes difficult because of postal or customs regulations. Another disadvantage is that the collector is not entitled to compensation if the coins lost in the mail especially if they have not been registered.

More satisfactory exchange can be made by becoming a member of a coin collectors' club. Collectors still at school may find a member of the teaching staff willing to help with the formation of a coin club. The teachers of history and geography are perhaps the most likely to be interested in coins, since these illustrate so many of the topics they teach.

Eventually, a collector may wish to buy coins from a dealer. Many coin dealers are listed on internet, ebay, numismatic magazines,catalogues and the telephone directories. Purchases may  be made either by post or over the counter. Many dealers issue price-lists or catalogues of the coins they have in stock. These are very useful to the the collector because they show the current retail prices of the coins he is seeking. By comparing the prices charged by different dealers, he may sometimes find a bargain.

Several of the larger firms of coin dealers or even the numismatic society like the Malaysia  Numismatic
Society (MNS) run auction sales which collectors can attend in person or to which they can send bids by post. If several bidders all wish to buy the same lot, they may bid against one another until the lot is sold to the highest bidder at well above the original estimate.

Whichever way a collector chooses to build his collection,he learns to balance the factors against one another.With experience,he can build an attractive collection of coins which is likely to increase in value as time goes by.

Happy collecting!


  1. Hi Mr.Dickson,
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  2. Terima kasih Depankanta!
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