Bank Negara Malaysia Aluminium Souvenir Tokens With UniFace Errors.

A coin having no design on one of its faces is called an Uniface coin.

Full design on one side and other side blank: It occurs when there have been two blank planchets in the press at the same time, the upper blank fully covering the lower coin blank. The upper blank will obstruct the upper die from having the upper design on the lower blank, and the lower blank will obstruct the lower die from having the lower design on the upper blank. So both the blanks become uniface coins.

This Uniface Aluminium Token of Bank Negara Malaysia Money Museum was listed as Lot.94 in MNS Auction.No.151 with a reserved price of RM80. I bidded it at reserved price on 25 March 2012 at National Museum as no one was interested to bid it.

Malaysia .BNM Money Museum Token.1999. Uniface Error.Obverse.

Malaysia .BNM Money Museum Token.1999. Uniface Error. Plain Reverse.
 Diameter: 25.63mm   
Thickness: 2.96mm
Weight: 3.89gm.
It was a 1999 uncirculated issue with only obverse was struck. I collect it as rare item because it was an obsolete token with aluminium composition, a rare uniface error  and was struck by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) Coin Minting Machine in the old BNM Money Museum.

Malaysia .BNM Money Museum Aluminium Token. Plain Edge.


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