Bank Negara Malaysia Aluminium Souvenir Tokens.

This tokens is strictly meant for visitors visiting the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) Money Museum, they can buy an aluminium blank and try to mint a token themself on a Coin Minting Machine provided by Money Museum Of BNM.

Bank Negara Malaysia Money Museum. 1999. Aluminium Souvenir Tokens.Obverse.

This special service was provided by Money Museum Of  BNM  since 1989 until 2006 when it was closed for renovation. Every year was a different designs and they were all together 18 designs,they were  proof tokens issued in year 1989 and 1993.

The Aluminium Blank Of Bank Negara Malaysia Money Museum Souvenir Tokens.

When the new Money Museum Of BNM,the Sasana Kijang was relocated and relaunched in year 2011,this special service of minting a token yourself on a Coin Minting Machine was no where to be seen again.

Plain Edge.
 I sincerely hope Bank Negara Malaysia will consider to reintroduce this very interesting and special service again in Sasana Kijang Money Museum.


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