Cigarette Copper Tokens Of Unknown Origin
This is my first experience to collect two pieces of Cigarette Copper Tokens inscripted on defaced coins.
The square shape copper token was inscripted with Chinese inscription  " Siang Yen " (Cigarette) on the obverse and " Yi Zhi " ( One Stick) on the reverse. It was inscripted on a square shape copper  planchet of a defaced Straits Settlement/ Malaya One Cent coin. Which carry the meaning of this token is good for a stick of cigarette.
It looks like a square shape of Straits Settlement or a Malaya One Cent coin was flatten with force and then inscripted with the details in Chinese.

Another piece is a round shape copper cigarette token inscripted with Chinese  inscription:" Siang Yen " (Cigarette) on the obverse and " Wu Zhi " ( Five Sticks) on the reverse. It was inscripted on a defaced Chinese Hu Pei Ten Cash copper coin. Many details of the original coin are still can be seen.
This cigarette token is good for five sticks of cigarette.

Both tokens were having countermarks of a Chinese word "Li" (Profit) on the obverse.

I have no clue about the origin of these cigarette tokens. Please share if you have some information....


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