Lot:(25):Malaysia 8th Series.Replacements.RM 100.00.ZA 0010797/98.Ahmad Don's Signature.Grade:UNC.(2 pcs)(Counting Mark)
Reserve Price:RM520.00.Realised Price:520.00.

Lot:(26):Malaysia 9th Series.Replacements.RM 100.00.ZA 0276201/05.Ali Abul Hassan's (side)Signature.Grade:UNC.(5 pcs)
Reserve Price:RM1200.00Realised Price:1200.00.
Lot:(27):Malaysia 11th Series Replacements.RM 100.00.ZB 0103084,ZB 0104287 and ZB 0112873.Dr.Zeti Aziz's Signature.Grade:GEF.(3 pcs)
Reserve Price:RM550.00 Realised Price:550.00.
Lot:(28):Malaysia 8th Series.Replacements.RM 50.00.ZA 0218533/34.Ahmad Don's Signature.Grade:UNC.(2 pcs)
Reserve Price:RM210.00Realised Price:210.00.
Lot:(29):Malaysia 10th Series.Replacements.RM 50.00.ZA 2212853/54.Ali Abul Hassan's (centre)Signature.Grade:UNC.(2 pcs)
Reserve Price:RM200.00Realised Price:220.00.
Lot:(30):Malaysia 8th Series.Replacements.RM 10.00.ZA 0098811/14.Ahmad Don's Signature.Grade:UNC.(4 pcs)
Reserve Price:RM450.00

Lot:(31):Malaya & British Borneo $1.00 1953 A/2 055568 (counting mark at bottom right and stain spot on reverse).Grade:UNC.(1 pc)
Reserve Price:RM300.00Realised Price:300.00.
Lot:(32):Malaya $10.00 1941 H/2 096756 Grade:GEF.(1 pc)
Reserve Price:RM1500.00

Lot:(33):Malaysia 2nd Series .RM 50.00. A/42 725753 Ismail Ali's Signature.Grade:AU.( 1pc)
Reserve Price:RM900.00

Lot:(34):Malaysia 4th Series .Replacement RM 50.00. X/1 376303 Aziz Taha's Signature.Grade:AU.( 1pc)
Reserve Price:RM1600.Realised Price:1800.00.

Lot:(35):Malaysia 1st Series .RM 5.00. A/1 136655 Ismail Ali's Signature.Grade:GEF.( 1pc)
(partial horizontal centre fold and foxing on reverse left bottom border)
Reserve Price:RM180.00Realised Price:200.00.

Lot:(36):Malaysia 2nd Series .RM 5.00. A/49 394904,A/49 394945,A/49 394 958 and A/49 394990. Ismail Ali's Signature.Grade:EF.( 4pcs)(3 Vertical folds)
Reserve Price:RM200.00Realised Price:260.00.

Lot:(37):Malaysia 5th Series .Replacement RM 5.00. NZ 0028921.Aziz Taha's Signature.Grade:UNC.( 1pc)
Reserve Price:RM260.00.Realised Price:360.00.

Lot:(38):Malaysia 8th Series.Replacements.RM 5.00.NZ 0050661/65..Ahmad Don's Signature. Grade:UNC.(5 pcs)Canadian Banknote.
Reserve Price:RM320.00Realised Price:360.00.
Lot:(39):Malaysia 4th Series .Replacement RM 10.00. X/1 249441.Aziz Taha's Signature.Grade:UNC(1pc)
Reserve Price:RM430.00.Realised Price:430.00.

Lot:(40):Malaysia 9th Series.Replacements.RM 10.00 ZA 0198540.Ali Abul Hassan's (side)Signature.Grade:UNC.(1 pc)
Reserve Price:RM210.00Realised Price:230.00.
Lot:(41):Malaysia 9th Series.RM 50.00 BJ 0796469..Ali Abul Hassan's (side)Signature.Grade:UNC.(1 pc)
Reserve Price:RM400.00Realised Price:500.00.
Lot:(42):Federated Malay States-.Coagulant Unit Coupons,Oct,Nov & Dec 1941.Grade:UNC.(1 pc)
Reserve Price:RM120.00Realised Price:120.00.
Lot:(43):Malaya 20 Cents.1941.(Variety a).Grade:AU.(1 pc)
Reserve Price:RM120.00Realised Price:180.00.
Lot:(44):Malaysia 11th Series.RM 1.00 Ku 1234567.Dr.Zeti Aziz's Signature.Grade:UNC.(1 pc)
Reserve Price:RM250.00Realised Price:250.00.
Lot:(45):Malaysia 11th Series.RM 1.00 JX8888888..Dr.Zeti Aziz's Signature.Grade:UNC.(1 pc)
Reserve Price:RM300.00Realised Price:400.00.
Lot:(46):Malaysia 4th Series RM1.00 P/83 330330 and P/56 899998.Aziz Taha's Signature.Grade:UNC.(2pcs)
Reserve Price:RM200.00

Lot:(47):Malaysia 11th Series.RM 10.00 HY 6666666.Dr.Zeti Aziz's Signature.Grade:UNC.(1 pc)
Reserve Price:RM300.00Realised Price:320.00.
Lot:(48):Malaysia 11th Series.RM 50.00 LT 6666666.Dr.Zeti Aziz's Signature.Grade:UNC.(1 pc)
Reserve Price:RM350.00Realised Price:360.00.
Lot:(49):Malaysia 5th Series .RM 10.00. PP 1941297/98.Aziz Taha's Signature.Grade:AU.( 2pcs)
Reserve Price:RM200.00.

Lot:(50):Malaysia 6th Series.Replacements .RM 20.00. UZ 0029646/48.Jaffar Hussein's.Signature. Grade:UNC.( 3pcs)
Reserve Price:RM1400.00.Realised Price:1900.00.



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