Period Counterfeits (1845-1961) Of Straits Settlements,Malaya,Malaya & Borneo Coins.


Cast Counterfeits Coins.Obverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
I am a collector of counterfeit coins,especially the earlier contemporary counterfeits.I was told by my Sifu-Sifu that they are not easy to collect a full set of Straits Settlements (1845-1926),Malaya (1940-1950) and Malaya and British Borneo (1953-1961) with all dates and mint marks.

Cast Counterfeits Coins.Reverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
Most of the counterfeits in early days were casted counterfeits.
Cast counterfeits are cast impressions of copies of genuine coins.A cast counterfeit coin is ,therefore,a copy of a copy.

Detecting a cast counterfeit coin is easier than detecting a die-struck counterfeit. For example,if the coin lacks a reeded edge,a seam will be visible.This seam,though often disguised by the counterfeiter,is always there. On reeded coins,that edge has no seam.But the reeding will be less uniform and even than a genuine coins. A dropped cast counterfeit coin won't "ring" true. Genuine coins have a delicate,warm "ring" when lightly dropped.

Because a cast counterfeit is a cast impression of a copy of a genuine coin, cast counterfeits are grainy and easily recognized for what there are.Cast counterfeits tend to have porous surfaces,these holes can be linked to the casting process,not circulation.

Because it is not easy to complete a full set of counterfeit coins with all dates and mint marks,like those rare pieces  in Queen Elizebeth series,they become scarce and their selling  price are getting more and more expensive.

The smarts counterfeitors or  caveat emptors are using the genuine rare dates coins in low quality condition, where they can buy them at very cheap price,toast them with high heat by using oxyacetylene flame until it blistered,turned dark in colour and resembered a casted counterfeits,then sell them to make a high profit.

Another genuine and normal in condition coins made to be an error coins by using the same method that I encountered recently were the Straits Settlements King George V 1920 & 1921 Half Dollar .500 Silver coins.These coins were toasted again and again  with high heat by using oxyacetylene flame until it blistered,
and they claimed these are the Defective Planchets Error coins with improper alloy mix planchet.

Beware of buying errors coins from unscrupulous,dishonest and immoral dealers and internet  e-sellers.
So that you will not end up buying  a Post Mint Job (PMJ) coin.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    This is indeed a good piece of information.
    Before reading your article, we didn't realise they were using genuine coins subjected to intense heat.
    Thanks for the useful info, Dickson :)

  2. Hi,
    Very valuable info.
    Thanks Dickson.

  3. Dear whycollect and MGMSabri,
    If you visit recent eBay site and search for Malaysia Error Coins,60% were those Post Mint Job (PMJ) Error coins.Sold for RM35 to RM40.No numismatics value at all.

  4. I really pity that guy (traced him through the seller's feedback) who bought several of these amateur counterfeits. Isn't that easy to pick up some knowledge of counterfeits with the internet now? That seller CW guy should be reported.

  5. Dear nucoins,
    I am suspecting this CW6789 is the same eBay guy that I bought the PMJ (thanks for your jargon)1993 50 cents coin intended as a specimen to share with all our fellow error coins collectors.
    This eBayer promised me not to sell any of these PMJ error coins anymore when I replied with a negative feedback comments in his ebay seller feed back.
    I do agreed with you and should report him!

  6. No wonder these kind of coins look a little bit funny to me. Do they make this locally or it came from China Dickson?

  7. Dear lunaticg,
    How are you? Soon to have an other MNS auction-No:149.Authentication is under way.
    Hope to see you this round!!

    Regarding these PMJ error coins,ialah Buatan Malaysia,---Malaysia Boleh!Haha!

  8. hi,
    I have this coins from range of 1, 5, 10, 20 & 50 cents from 1928 - 1952. I am interested to sell.

  9. Hi!Ummu Noura,
    You may contact me at 017 979 6337 to view your collection!

  10. I have this coin 5 cents,10cents and 20cents.Can i clean the coin surface before sell it?

  11. Dear mrs adam,
    Unless you are good and experienced in cleaning coin without damaging the coin, other wise just leave them a lone.

    Or you may just soak them in warm lemon water,and later wash them with clear water.

  12. Ok thank you for your info.btw i got so many knowledge from your blog regarding coins.keep on writing ya

  13. These coins minted during the British Malaya period is very rare.

  14. Hi Mat Ars,
    There are now called the "Period Counterfeit Coins".Can be more expensive then the original Queen E II coinages.

  15. I have 5 & 10 cents 1961 malaya and british borneo coin and 1 & 10 cents strait settlements coin.,so can I know it value to sell it,,,tq,,,

  16. Hi Shaiful Zamri,
    The value depands on its condition, so must view the actual coin for valuation.