Visit to East Malaysia,Sabah and Sarawak.(FINAL)

On 6th.July.2011,I touched down at Miri,Sarawak.So far,I haven't know of any numismatist yet.
On 7th.July.2011,arrived at Sibu.After office hours,I rushed to visit Mr.John Goh of Minat Reka Sdn Bhd. at No.1,Grd Flr. Raminway,Sibu.
He was contacted by Mr.Wong,the President of NSA,Singapore a day earlier,introduced me to him and he is expecting my arrival.
Mr.John Goh,the only authorized sole distributor of Bank Negara Malaysia in East Malaysia.
He is very kind to joint me for a cup of tea,we chi-chatted about an hour although his daughter was waiting for him to go home.

I bought two complete set (12 pieces) of Malaysia-Coin In Education, i.e. ENDANGERED SPECIES-LAND ANIMAL SERIES & MARINE ANIMALS REPTILE SERIES,25 sens Nordic Gold coin set from him at a very reasonable price.
He has many good items to show me but due to constrain of time, I promised to visit him again in my next trip.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    These coins look like the best wildlife coins ever produced by Bank Negara apart from the conservation series.
    Interesting and fruitful trip :D

  2. Dear whycollect,
    Malaysia-Coin In Education in set of 12 pcs are not easy to come by anymore! I was told an Italian dealer was buying 100 sets in each order !

  3. I love Malaysia especially in pulau sipadan in sabah!. work canada attract skilled workers/professionals to fill vacancies to work in canda, a nice getaway from the hectic city life...