Visit to East Malaysia,Sabah and Sarawak.(II)
Pak Hashim brought me to visit one of his neighbourhood numismatic shop,and introduced me to Mr.N.T.Chong of Ocean Art Gallery before returned to his shop.
This is the second numismatic shop that I visited in Wisma Merdeka in Kota Kinabaru,Sabah.
Mr.N.T. Chong also didn't carry any Malaysia Parliament series coins in UNC condition.He has stamps,banknotes,some Malaysia modern coins in Proof set.The rest on display are porcelain wares.
I bought a piece of Malaysia Parliament series 1994, 20 Cents (key dates) with Doubled Dies Errors.

Mr.N.T. Chong,a multi-lingua,speak very good English and Mandarin.
You can get a copy of his business card FREE at!

Note:Malaysia Parliament Coin series in UNC condition are getting more and more difficult to collect.Most of the coin dealers are not keeping any stock !


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Ya, you are right that these coins in top grades are hard to come by.
    Even the 1sen coins in top grades if well kept would have now toned into beautiful red copper colour.
    Hehe, agree with you, never underestimate these coins for one day they will be highly sought after.
    Honestly we prefer the parliament series to the hibiscus series.
    The former were generally more well minted esp the 1970 1sen.
    Thanks again for the valuable tip, Dickson :)

  2. Malaysia is the homeland of my mother. It’s beautiful beyond description. when I go for holidays abroad. Canada allow people to connect with family who have immigrated to Canada. I can’t wait to visit. I don’t want to run away, please don’t make me, I really Malaysia, I’ve nowhere else to go.

  3. Dear gherlashdawn,
    You are always welcome home!
    Malaysia,East of West Malaysia are equally beautiful!
    A lot of us spend more times to travel abroad then visit our own mother land.
    A lot of small kampungs are rich of beautiful scenery.
    Now,with more economi air carriers,everybody can fly.