Chinese Counterfeiter Strikes a Fake Silver Coin
Seeing is believing!

Coin Press Used in Chinese Coin
Counterfeiting Ring.
 This is striking fake Morgan Dollars.

A worker in a Chinese fake coin
minting operation feeds a planchet
into the coin press to strike
a fake silver coin.

A selection of dies is shown for  
striking fake coins in an  illegal Chinese
coin minting operation.
 Note the many U.S. coins being faked.
A Chinese worker in a coin
counterfeiting ring operates
 a machine that puts edge
lettering on fake silver coins.

An edge view of the same
handful of fake Morgan Dollars.

Counterfeit Morgan Dollars made
 by a major Chinese fake coin operation.


Counterfeit coins, bars, and other
small obects can be seen in this
showroom in a Chinese coin and
 antiquities counterfeiting operation.

Thousands of Fake Coins Struck
 by a Chinese Counterfeiting Ring.

This container is full of Chinese-
made fake Indian Head Cents
and fake U.S. Large Cents.

Counterfeit ingots and bars made by
a major Chinese fake coin operation.

Photo courtesy of Jinghua Shei.


  1. Not surprising!They are already famous for fake foodstuffs and almost everything on earth.

    Wonder if they can make genuine things? he!he!

  2. Dear Clement,
    happy week-end!
    "Made in China" counterfeits?
    Genuine products are "Made In PRC",Haha!

  3. Hi Dickson,
    Its pretty scary to see that these counterfeiters are getting more and more sophisticated.
    Wonder ever it will come a time where the making of coins and banknotes can be perfected by these people?
    Then it will be disaster to the numismatic world.
    In fact we could see that many innovations have bring more harm than good to mankind.
    Haha, guess whatever, we just have to change and go with the wind.
    Nice article, Dickson :)

  4. I hope they don't make 10c 1971 coins...aarrgghh run away

  5. Hi Danny,
    If they are smart,they would make some 1976 50 cents coins!Haha!!

  6. Hi Fei Abdillah,
    Always check the weight!
    Or bring to show me if possible!