Malaysia Off-Center Coins.

If a planchet lies partially outside of the dies during the striking, it receives an off-center strike. Each coin struck off center is unique, but due to the large numbers available, are very inexpensive in the lower denominations and minor Off-Center.

This Malaysia 1st series Parliament  1982 20 Cents coin exhibited a 20% Off-Center,GEF in condition as prescribed in the MNS Auction 140 on 25th September 2011.Its reserved price was RM30, it was bidded by me with a realised price of RM50.00.

Any Malaysia Coins in Parliament Series with errors are not easy to find, even though the errors are a minor freak only.

Planchets of the wrong thickness are produced from strip that was not rolled properly. Too little pressure can result in planchet stock that is too thick; too much pressure can result in a thin planchet. If the rollers are out of alignment on one side, a tapered planchet - thicker on one side than the other - is created.



  1. Hi Dickson,
    Paying 50 bucks only for the coin?
    Its a steal.
    Never been able to get such an error coin so cheap from a dealer.
    And you are right.
    We do not know about others.
    Might be luck not with us.
    But we have never found such an error coin in GEF in the loose change before.
    Haha, maybe others are more lucky than us.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)

  2. Dear Whycollect,
    This item was posted on my Blog on MNS Auction No.149.Reserve Price was clearly stated,you just missed it!
    Please joint us in our next Auction in this coming December!

  3. Hi Dickson,
    Haha, we didn't miss the realised prices of those error coins posted by you.
    In fact we could still remember a number of them which were being realised at very reasonable prices, haha at least in our opinion.
    Ya, when it comes to hobbies, we have to admit we have just too many that we can handle right now and we think its highly inappropriate to continue on like this.
    We are in the process of stopping some of them so that we can concentrate on just one or two.
    Haha, definitely numismatic will be one that we will carry on.
    Phew, age is picking up and suppose we just have to slow things down a little on our hobbies.
    Yes, you are right, Dickson.
    Hobbies unlike work should not give us stress.
    Glad to know that you have found one which gives you so much pleasure.
    We too hope that one day we will be able to reduce and concentrate on just one or two hobbies which we like most.
    Please give us some time.
    We are working hard on it, haha.
    Thanks for your willingness to share so much with us, Dickson :)