Blogger MGMSabri visited my Dickson Niew Collection Corner today at 11.00am.

MGMSabri,a UPM student,took LRT service from Sg. Besi to Amcorp Mall this morning to meet up with me to collect his long waited two copies of numismatic books.

His first copy of numismatic is Guru Saran Singh's "The Encyclopaedia Of The Coins Of Malaysia Singapore and Brunei 1400 to 1967." I bought it for Sabri and it was authographed by Guru Saran Singh on 8-10-2011.

Second copy is the JIM book,"The Japanese Occupation Of Malaya (Singapore) And Its Currency" by JIM Guru Mr.Wong Hon Sum. MGMSabri bought it from my Dickson Niew Collection Corner by phone and was authographed by author Jim Guru Mr.Wong Hon Sum personally on 09-10-2011 when Mr.Wong visited Dickson Niew Collection Corner at Subang Jaya.

After our meeting in Amcorp Mall Sunday flea market,MGMSabri decided to follow me to my Dickson Niew Collection Corner at Subang Jaya.

He bought some high graded coins and banknotes,he also booked some items for his next trip to my  Dickson Niew Collection Corner.

In order to meet my next appointment,I sent him to Subang Jaya KTM commuter station for him to go home, on his way home,he called me to book another piece of Aziz Taha Sepuluh Ringgit banknotes!

MGMSabri,thank you for your visit.


  1. Waaaaah....
    YB Sabri pun dah jadi regular dah kat kedai ni.

    Why don't you arrange a monthly meet-up at your shop. Boleh lepak ramai2 talk about coins.

  2. Hi Sifu Mr. Dickson Niew,
    Thank you so much brought me to your collection corner.
    Really enjoy it.
    mode: speechless~excited.

  3. Hi Dickson,
    We believe mgmsabri, mnfaj and many other young collectors will eventually be the next generation of serious collectors locally.
    Its really great to see senior collectors like you, coming out to guide them.
    Please keep up with the good work, Dickson :)

  4. Hi Bro Lunaticg,
    Very good suggestion indeed!
    Just do it!Every Third Saturday of the month,Time:3.00pm (Code:3.3),Vanue:Dickson Niew Collection Corner at No:58,Jalan SS/14,Subang Jaya.Free shuttle service from KTM Subang Jaya Station.Please comments!

  5. Dear MGMSabri,
    Thank you and welcome!
    Speechless? Tapi yg saya perasan you banyak cakap dan banyak-banyak tanya hari itu?!hahaha!!
    Really enjoyed your visit that day!

  6. Dear whycollect,
    Yes,I received many young and serious collectors who are very much willing to learn and never get annoy when I refused to sell them my coins, instead want them to buy a catalogue first before buying coins!

    Big thanks to Lunaticg for promoting my Dickson Niew collection Corner in his Blog and facebook as well!

    Same question,when can I expecting your honourable visit?

  7. Hi Dickson,
    Really hope that we can meet up one day.
    Honestly, we really enjoy seeing more people getting interested in numismatic, lately.
    Its so enjoyable to see so many experienced bloggers cum collectors, young and old, sharing their wonderful collections in the internet.
    We managed to learn so much from this group of collectors including you, Dickson.
    Thank you so much :)