Malaysia Second Series One Ringgit Coin With Die Crack Errors

Malaysia.Bunga Raya Series.RM1.00.1996.Die Crack Errors.Reverse.
When I searched through 1089 pieces of Malaysia Bunga Raya Series discontinued RM1.00 copper-nickel coins, I found one piece,dated 1996 and still in uncirculated condition with Die Crack Errors.
Malaysia.Bunga Raya Series.RM1.00.1996.Die Crack Errors.Obverse.
Dickson Niew Collection.
This one ringgit copper-nickel coin was issued for circulation from 1989 to 1996.It was discontinued because of too many counterfeits flooded the market! Today, it is not easy to collect a full set in uncirculated (UNC) condition. It is also a tough task to make a full set of this period counterfeits in UNC condition.


  1. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Sukar untuk jumpa syiling UNC begini,apa yg menarik tentang syiling Rm 1 ialah keadaan error yg terjadi pada syiling palsu dan yg tulin adalah hampir sama menandakan cara buatan dan material syiling palsu adalah sama dgn yg tulin...Ini pendapat depankanta semata2..hehe
    Terima kasih banyak2 Mr Dickson....