Malaysia Rare Coin Parliament Series 10 Cents 1971 Die Variety.  
Malaysia.Rare Date.1971.10 Cents.Die Variety.
At Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.150 which was held on 18 December 2011at National Museum, Lot No.14 was a Malaysia Parliament rare date 1971,10 cents coin in EF condition at a reserve price of RM150 was realised at RM360.Why?
A same piece of 1971 10 Cents coin in BU condition was sold for RM350 to RM380 as the current market price but why this piece in EF condition at the 150th MNS auction last Sunday was bidded and realised at such a high price,why is it so special?

Actually this rare date 1971-10 Cents coin in EF condition in MNS 150th Auction is a Die Variety coin .

Left:Variety 1 (For Circulation) And Right: Variety 2.(Proof Like) Obverse.
Left:Variety 1 (For Circulation) And Right: Variety 2.(Proof Like) Reverse.
Many coin collectors are not aware that Malaysia rare date 1971 10 Cents coin has two varieties.

Variety 1 (For Circulation)
First variety was released for normal circulation.It is darker and dimmed in colour,the milled edge was bevelled.Is extremely difficult to find a piece in UNC/BU condition today.

Second variety was minted in proof  like condition,always in BU condition.It has squared milled edge.On the reverse,the device "MALAYSIA",there is always a small 'dot' in between alphabet "L" and "A". i.e."MAL'AYSIA". It was made to believe that in the collection of collectors,majority of them were the second variety.
Variety 2.(Proof Like)



  1. Hi Dickson,
    Wow, these coins have been with us for so long, yet we are totally unaware of the existence of these varieties.
    Its a remarkable piece of information to collectors of Malaysian coins.
    Thank you so much, Dickson :)

  2. Hi whycollect,
    Glad to know that you had a good piece of 1971 10 Cents V1.
    Happy to know its in good hands.
    Whycollect,I am taking this oppotunity to wish you and your family Merry Christmas,Happy New Year 2012 and Always in very good health!

  3. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Walaupun depankanta belum berkesempatan untuk memiliki syiling ini tapi cerita dua variety syiling ini sangat menarik..Ada juga terdengar cerita pasal syiling ini ditempa versi khas untuk kegunaan luar negara,entah betul ke tidak sukar disahkan...
    Terima kasih banyak2 dan Selamat menyambut hari natal dan tahun baru 2012 untuk Mr Dickson sekeluarga..

  4. Hi Dickson,
    You are really great.
    Without your good guidance, many of our hard found error and variety coins would have been just that, as they were when we first got them.
    These special coins would have gone unnoticed in our collections, with us not knowing they were indeed different from the rest.
    A big big sincere thank you to you, Dickson.
    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you and family, Dickson :)

  5. Depankanta,
    Terima kasih!Cuba dapatkan dua variety 1971 10 sen ini, yang saya boleh pasti ialah ia menjadi semakin rare! Koletor baru semakin bertambah,entry level rare coin pasti start dengan 1971 10 sen ini!

  6. Depankanta,
    Tentang cerita pasal syiling ini ditempa versi khas untuk kegunaan luar negara,lebih tepat ialah versi proof like ditempa untuk kegunaan buat coin set tetapi entah kenapa telah dibatalkan!

  7. Hi! whycollect,
    Thank you!I feel very glad to know that my research do help you in a small way!
    I will keep my level best always!

  8. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Thank you so much for sharing this info! This invaluable information is very important to our numismatic scene. Now I realized why the BU 1971 10 sen offered for sale online are always silver-colored, mirror like surface. Now apart from my Sultanate Coins and Error Coins, I should keep my eyes on this Variety Coin too!
    Thanks for sharing! :D

  9. hi mr dickson,
    saya seorang kolektor beginner dan setelah membaca entri ini, ianya sangat menarik dan mengujakan......
    saya mohon untuk berkongsi beberapa maklumat dan gambar dalam entri ini di blog saya.......

  10. Thanks again, Dickson :)

  11. Mnfaj,
    To those Rare and Error coins collectors,Die Variety is just part of it! They are equally interesting to collect!

  12. Hi!DarkArtz,
    Selamat datang mengujungi Blog saya,saya mengizinkan kamu mengguna dan berkongsi maklumat dan gambar dalam entri ini di blog kamu dengan syarat maklumat dan gambar tersebut hanya boleh digunakan atas tujuan numismatik sahaja! Happy Niewmismatic!

  13. terima kasih mr dickson..........
    saya memang ingin menggunakan untuk tujuan numismatik.......
    blog saya lebih kepada pemberitahuan kepada beginner2 lain seperti saya, jadi banyak gambar diperlukan untuk lebih memahami.......
    cumanya saya kekurangan gambar kerana kurang spesimen menarik......
    ada masa jenguklah blog saya dan tunjukkan saya apa yang salah.....
    terima kasih banyak2 mr dickson.........

  14. Hi DarkArtz,
    Bagus dan anda dipuji atas usaha kamu untuk memajukan bidang numismatik tempatan!
    Penglibatan anda memang dialu-alukan!
    Maju numismatik Malaysia,Maju Blog DarkArtz !

  15. salam and good day to everyone.
    i am a student and a part time collector. i am from Brunei and have plenty of gold, silver and 'cupro-nickle' coins. i also have specimen notes for sale. does anyone know where i can sell them? here's my email.

  16. Hello Dickson,

    I just LEARNT that there are two varieties of 10 SEN 1971! Despite having the coin since 2008 in my collection.

    I have copied your photo and some of your story into my site, and I hope it is OK since the website is not for commercial rather for education/info resources.

    By the way, if you dont mind, looking at my coin here, what do you think which variety it belongs to?

    Thank you.

  17. Hi Aleph Prime,
    You may use any materials from my Blog as long it is intended for numismatics educational purposes.
    And I had seen your 1971 10 cents,it is the "proof like","L" with a dot,the second variety (V II).
    98% of numismatist collected V.II 1971 10 cents.

  18. Hi, I have 2 1971 0.10 coins and one 0.50cent coin from 1969, Am looking for a buyer for them.. Do let me know if you have further enquiries. My email is