Malaysia New Coins "The Third series" Were  Officially Released To Public On 17-01-2012.

Anyone received new Malaysia coins? Asked Lunaticg!

On 16-01-2012, I received the news that Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) make an announcement, the long waited Malaysia 3rd series of coins will  be released to the public on the next day, I decided to go to BNM on 17-01-2012 to get some change while planning to buy another set of new banknotes!

On 17-01-2012, 9.45am,when I approached the cashier counter in BNM and asked the lady in charged about the new released coins, she told me with a smiling face,I must go to their appointed agents or commercial banks!

For the next three consecutive days,I had tried most of the Public Bank Berhad branches (PBB is where I have an account), from Kg Attap to USJ to Subang Jaya,they told me they have not receive any new coins yet! Later,I even tried all banks in Subang Jaya, none of them had seen the new coins yet!

The reason why I am so eager to get the new coins,especially the 50 cents is because I had planed to pack my Ang Pau (the CNY red packet) with these new coins in gold colour to surprise all my little friends, and take the chance to educate and advise them to keep these new coins as a hobby!

Not until on 25-01-2012, when I am still celebrating the Chinese New Year in Port Dickson's home sweet home, my good friend Miss Lee L.Y. told me she can help me to get those new coins from a commercial bank in Port Dickson -The Affin Bank Berhad, only in a packed of RM500 is allowed. They cannot release in small amount because their coin counting machines are not calibrated yet.

 I decided to get a packet of the 50 cents new coins! Thank you very much to Miss Lee L.Y.

This packet of 50 cents coins was packed on 14-01-2012, just 3 days before the public released with serial numbered : BNM 27348 K. Amounted RM500.(BNM 27348 K RM500. 00 14/01/12).

I decided to keep it as a whole!


  1. No Wonder all the 50 cents habis.... ["p]
    I also go to the bank but only had the chance on the third days after the launch, all the new 50 cents coins already finish liao.

  2. Hi Dickson,
    Hehe, bet that you would have ran through all of them looking for any anomaly on these cute shiny goldies.
    Please share them with us if you have.
    Hmmm..wonder what's the chance of finding oddities considering the high-tech minting process used nowadays.
    Best of luck,Dickson :)

  3. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Kami di Kelantan belum pun dapat melihat syiling ini dalam edaran...Mungkin belum sampai masanya atau sememangnya keluarannya sedikit spt keluaran syiling siri ke2 yg pertama pada tahun 1989...
    Terima kasih banyak2 Mr Dickson...

  4. Dear Lunaticg,
    Please don't blamed me lah!
    I am just lucky! Let me share you a trick,take a "Daun Limau" shower before go to the bank,sure dapat!! haha!

  5. Dear whycollect,
    I already promised myself not to cut open this RM500 worth of 50 cents new 3rd series coins,because it was packed by BNM on 14-01-2012 with the serial numbered : BNM 27348 K.and date imprinted on the packing! Rare chance!
    So still trying my patience not to open it!And I can not promised myself how long I can hold my patience!!Haha!

  6. Dear Depankanta,
    Sabar bro. depankanta!
    Satu hari ia pasti akan datang!

  7. Hi Dickson,
    Collecting them as a whole without opening the plastic bag.
    Ya, you reminds us of the JIM banknotes packed and sealed.
    Hehe, don't be surprise one day, the printed plastic bag costs more than the contents.
    You gave us a very good idea.
    Maybe if one finds it too costly, one can go for the smaller denominations instead.
    Thanks a lot, Dickson :)

  8. I asked someone work in public bank Ipoh on 6th day of CNY. Said the coins already arrived in bags at their bank but they had yet to distribute the coins to public. Maybe after CNY.

    Only manage to get new 5 cents & 20 cents when buying stuff. Still have not get the 10cents & 50 cents yet.

  9. Dear Chicken,
    I missed the Ipoh Chicken Tau Geh (Bean Sprout)noddle.
    I would like very much to suggest to you,change the 3rd series new coins with RM200 worth of 50 cents,RM100 worth of 20 cents and RM50 worth of 10 cents and 5 cents.Pack them in a air tight,rust proof container and keep away from your eye sight.
    Few years later they will worth something!

  10. I'm not sure of anyone had noticed this or not, but i just found out that if you look properly at the flower side of the new 50 sen, tilt it a little back and forth.. you can see the word 50 on one tilt and SEN on the other, along the thin lines.

    Just thot id share coz i got so excited when i found it. Probably basi news already by now.

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  12. Sugar Coated Candyman,
    That is the latent(terpendam)design.
    More to discover if you search through the design elements on 50 Cents and 20 Cents on Obverse.
    Mint Marks 'B,N,M.'
    Good luck BRO!