Malaysia Parliament Series 1973 50 Cents Coin With Faked Curve Clip Errors

A faked curve clipped error coin was in my sifu possession for more then 25 years. I was lucky to be given the chance to inherit  his Malaysia Parliament House series 1973 50 Cents coin with a very well done faked curve clipped error.
1973 50 cents

Collectors should  learn the diagnostics of this curve clip error due to the ease and frequency in which they are faked.

How to detect a faked Curved Clip Error Coin?  
Always,the rim opposite the curve clip will be flat and poorly formed. This effect is known as the "Blakesley effect" and occurs due to the absence of pressure in that area during the rim upsetting process. Normally the blank rotates through the mill which becomes increasingly tighter on the opposing sides of the blank as it progresses through. This creates the pressure necessary to upset the rim. When the blank rotates to the area of the curved clip the pressure is released and the rim fails to be formed in the area opposite the curved clip.

However, the "Blakesley effect" sometime does not appear on curved clip error coin, most probably due to the curved clip was too small, so collectors must learn to recognize other diagnostics of a genuine curved clip error coin.    

Look for tapering at the edge (especially at the extreme opposite edges or lips of the clip where it meets the raised rim) and notice how the metal flows and design details close to the edge stretch or elongate. On a real error you would expect to see the detail nearest the clip to fade away.

Faked Curve Clip Errors
On a fake it would just come to a sudden end. If you look closely at the picture especially the rim, beading and the letters closes to the edge you can see the detail fading. This would not happen if the coin was to be a post mint error and on one which has been cut.

The curvature should always resemble or similar to the size of the affected coin, in this case should be the size of a 50 Cents, but on this curve clip error coin,the faked curve clipped  is the size of a 10 cents coin.

Faked Curve Clip Errors
Faked Curve Clip Errors
Not all of these effects always occur and sometimes they are minimal but one or more of these diagnostics will generally be present on a genuine clip.


  1. this is so tough to detect.
    Not an easy job.

  2. Hi Ghost Lim Hooi Yew,
    Hope you learn how to detect a forgery coin.

  3. Were you in CSI or something? Great eye for details and beautiful explanation. Kudos sifoo!