Malaysia 2006 One Cent  Coin With Rim To Rim Die Crack Errors.

Rim To Rim Die Crack Errors.

Rim To Rim (RTR) Die Crack Errors is a die crack that follows a curved trajectory from one point on the rim to another. The area of the die face cordoned off by such a crack generally amounts to less than 40% of the total area.

Rim To Rim Die Crack Errors.
Rim To Rim Die Crack Errors.

The die crack shows only lateral spread. The presence of either vertical displacement or horizontal offset would indicate the presence of a retained cud. If the lateral spread exceeds half-a-millimeter, it should be labeled a curved, asymmetrical split die.

An arcing rim-to-rim die crack may progress to a retained cud, a cud, or an asymmetrical split die.
Below is the reverse of a 2006 One Cent Coin that shows a RTR Die Crack and a "Pre CUD" in the SW quadrant,

Rim To Rim Die Crack Errors.

Close-up of the pre-cud die crack. It could conceivably have worsened to become a cud, a retained cud, or an asymmetrical split die.

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  1. Hi Mr Dickson,
    RTR Die crack syiling ini hampir sama dgn syiling 1 sen 2005 yg depankanta pamirkan bawah tajuk"die crack error syiling 10 sen,5 sen dan 1 sen",agak menarik kerana kedua syiling 1 sen ini kelihatan RTR yg sama iaitu terjadi pada huruf"S"hingga huruf"N"..Mungkin Mr Dickson ada penjelasan kenapa boleh terjadi demikian.

    Terima kasih banyak2 Mr Dickson..

  2. Hi depankanta blogspot,
    Penjelasan saya ialah "coincident" saja !
    Atau mungkin "copy" you punya ! Haha!