"Northern Johor Communist Committee Party Circulation Note" (MCP),Unlisted.

Unlisted MCP Circulation Note 1957

Tomorrow morning I will be going to Bangkok,Thailand to attend the EUR-SEREE COLLECTING  AUCTION  ( which to be held on Sunday 5th August 2012 9.30am at Narai Hotel Bangkok in Rattanakosin Ballroom.

One lot that is most interesting to me is a one dollar Malaya Communist Party circulation note.

Unlisted MCP Circulation Note 1957

This is a 1957 Malaya "Northern Johor Communist Committee Party Circulation Note".  An unlisted 1 Yuan uniface printed on white paper all in Chinese characters, center hammer and sickle over 5 pointed red star,dated on top right, 3 vertical characters to the right meaning "Circulation Note", denomination to the left, upper left serial number in manuscript "0633", 12 characters below meaning "Malaya Northern Johor Communist Committee Party " (MCP),last line Treasurer signed "Ma Li Ming", figure '1" in red at low left and low right.

Unlisted MCP Circulation Note 1957

The size of the note is 10cm.X 8cm.;several visible creases and folds with top rough edge,original strong paper. It was an excellent printing work.A rare note in  VF condition.

I had posted two images of similar notes with denomination of "Yi Jiao" (10 Cents) and "Wu Jiao" (50 Cents) on 28 July 2011 under the title "THE PRIVATE CURRENCY NOTES OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF MALAYA" by: Saran   Singh AMN, PNM, FRNS

Private notes
In 1955, the North Johor Regional Committee ( NJRC ) of the Communist Party of Malaya issued private notes for use in areas under their control. These notes are believed to have been issued in denominations of 5 Cents, 10 Cents, 50 Cents, One Dollar and Five Dollars. These private notes were printed entirely in Chinese, translated e.g. “Yit Chiao ( 10 Cents ) or Wu Chiao ( 50 Cents ). Lou Thung Kin (Legal Tender), Ma-loy-ya Kung Ch’an Tong Jou Pei Ti Wei Hui Fat (Malayan Communist Party North Johore Regional Committee issue). Signed by Mah Lit Min, Choy Ching (Treasurer)”. The bust of Lenin with the star and sickle above. The Serial Number and the year date “ 1955 ” below. The size of the 5 Cents is 90 mm x 65 mm. These noted were printed in Black on white paper by a local printer (name unknown). All these notes are extremely rare.                                                                                                    
Unlisted MCP Circulation Note 1957
Reference: “Paper Money of the 20th Century” Volume I Appendix ix Pages A8 – A9
                    Published by the International Bank Note Society, U.S.A. ( 1973 )