Forgery Malaya Trengganu Tin Jokoh 1907 Teck Soon Kongsi.

The Jokoh were made of tin or pewter and were based on the familiar cash coins of China; a circular coin with a square central hole. The word Jokoh is derived from the Malay word "Jongkong" which refers to a hollowed out boat but in this context referred to the central hole in the Jokoh. Some of the Jokoh imitate the words found on the Chinese cash. The Jokoh also had Jawi inscriptions on them so as to enable the Malays to recognize the issuer. Some of the Jokoh have a thin wire or other metal impressed in the flan while others occur with several countermarks. This was inserted by the issuer to prevent forgery.

Original Trengganu Teck Soon Kongsi Tin Jokoh :
Obverse: Within a circle of dots in Chinese "Teck Soon Kongsi" (Teck Soon Company). Two dotted circles.
Reverse: Within two circles of dots in Jawi "Sin" and "Hee'  (isuser’s name Sin Hee)  above and below the hole. To the left and right of the central hole are the lions rampant. 
This Jokoh token has a plain edge, weight 7.50 grammes with diameter of 32 mm and the composition is tin (square central hole)

Forgery Trengganu Teck Soon Kongsi Tin Jokoh :

It was made of lead, much heavier (9.45gm) then the original tin piece, because it was new, the moisture in the lead metal are still not yet evaporated. 

 Lead material  is soft and can be bent easily.
 Used your finger nail to scratch the edge, a fresh lead metal can be seen.

 No thin wire was inserted on the reverse by the issuer to prevent forgery.

You can used a forgery lead jokoh to draw lines like pencil.

I bought this forgery Trengganu Tin Jokoh for SD8.00 (RM20.00)only.


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