Malaysia 3rd Series (M3S) Coins Were Released For Circulation ?

Since 26th July 2011, Bank Negara Malaysia had issued 50,000 sets of Malaysia 3rd Series(M3S) coins  in commemorative version and sold for RM10 per set, and intended to increase to 500,000 sets in stages.Members of the public still can purchase the commemorative coins over the counter at:

i.) BNMLINK (Laman Informasi Nasihat & Khidmat) Ground Floor, Block D Bank Negara Malaysia Jalan Dato' Onn 50480 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia,
Contact No. : +603 2698 8044 / 9044 (ext: 7417 / 7390) and

ii.) Bank Negara Malaysia branches at Pulau Pinang, Johor Bahru, Kuala Terengganu, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu

Since four months ago, I had received many emails and sms from my Blog visitors asking me why they can  find  M3S coins dated 2011 in all denominations in circulation.

I made a short checked through my my fellow dealers and collectors, I was told that there were rumours saying that Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) had stopped packing the commemorative version of M3S coins due to low demand. Likely the remnant pieces of the M3S coins of all denominations intended for 500,000  sets are released to the public in stages.

Do share with me if you got more information.


  1. can we still get the coin cards from BNM ?

  2. Hi 路人,
    Good question !Quite a while didn't step into BNM. Will check it out !