Genting Highland $1.00 Brass Gaming Token.

Rarity: RRR

"If one decides to go into contemporary exonumia, the best place to start is to go to Genting Casino, at least in the Malaysian context." said  Nu Coins and Notes.

Most of the Genting Casino tokens were issued with the year dated 1974.There are in denominations of 20 Cents and 50 Cents minted in copper-nickel, $1.00 in copper,copper-nickel,copper plated and $5.00 caber car token in copper-nickel material.

These tokens were well received as a form of coin in the market (pasar) in Kuala Lumpur ,it worried the authority and was asked to  remove from circulation.

Genting Casino also issued many Gaming Chips with much higher denominations in combination of compression-moulded clay with fancy colourful fonts and letters. The $1.00 gaming chip was removed and stop issued within a year of introduction because its face value was too low.

Recently I discover a piece of unlisted Genting Casino $1.00 token minted in brass. It was belong to a very old collector. It was shown to me in a rush, I managed to take a few shots of photos but missed the chance to take down the weigh and diameter of this rare brass token. I convinced him to let me take down all details in our next meeting.




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