Malaysia Banknote With Hidden Code:"HAWAII"

When I was young,I remembered my elder brother showed me a Malaysian one dollar banknote and asked me to find a word "HAWAII" on the notes.I searched through the notes up and down, left to right, flipped back and front but fail to locate the word "HAWAII".

He only disclosed the answer to me after chasing him around the house for 3 days.Since then, it was my turn to ask my classmates the same question.

This design was used on Malaysia one dollar banknotes since 1967 to 1972 on the first series, from 1972 to 1976 on the second series,1976 to 1981 on third series and ended on forth series in year 1981 to 1983.

I am not very sure whether the hidden codes was designed and planted with purpose or by coincident.


  1. Dear Sifu,

    I recently purchased 2 lots of 10 cents and 5 cents 1948 Malaya Coin. I purchased the coins thru ebay from a Johor seller.

    The coins look too good to be an old coins but with some marks of old tiny stains.

    Is there fake Malaya coins in circulations or the coins i purchased was cleaned coins.

  2. Dear Sifu,

    About the Bunga Raya 1992 Coins, i read from the internet there is 2 issue. The first issue have a rounded edge rim while the 2nd issue have flat rim.

    Please correct me if i'm wrong.

  3. Hi Seri Bahasa,
    10 cents and 5 cents 1948 Malaya Coin,so far only forged in lead,likely was cleaned, you may check with the seller or bring to me to do authentication.

  4. Seri Bahasa,
    These were the die varieties,it happened to 1996,1997 and 1998 50 cents too.

  5. Dear Sifu,

    About the 10 cents and 5 cents coins yes its true as you said, cleaned coins.

    I got confirmation from the dealer. Only that i regret he din't put the right description when he put it on sale.

    Hoping you don't mind i come here always for your help if i have doubt about certain coins that i have purchased from ebay.

    Hoping You Always In Good Health,
    Seri Bahasa

  6. Hi i have a british propaganda leaflet dropped by the british govt on malaya using the ten dollar banana note with a message behind what is it worth??

  7. I hav a british propaganda note of the banana money may i know how much it is worth??

  8. Dear Sifu,

    May i know how much it worth for this note? coz i have a few which in very good condition

  9. Hi john wayne,Anonymous,
    Please email the image to me , I need to view the actual notes, the british propaganda note of the banana money.

  10. My email:

  11. Hi Kalipso Hifi,
    I need to know which series.

  12. whois willing to sell