Brunei Unlisted Crocodile Miniature Cannon 2.

On 14-11-12, I wrote a post on a piece of  Brunei unlisted brass crocodile miniature cannon. Today, I am going to share another unique and rare piece of Brunei unlisted brass crocodile miniature cannon with a orang asli (native, local inhabitant) holding a brass cannon and riding on a crocodile.

These 19th to the beginning of the 20th Century Brunei brass cannons were extensively used in wedding ceremonies, also used for trading purpose, barter of goods and the payment of fines against offences between communities. These cannons also act as decorations on boat plying various rivers as symbols of wealth.

These miniature cannons were also used for firing during important ceremonies like weddings, births of children, visits of very important people and lastly to drive away evil spirits.

Length 320mm,width 140mm and high 135mm,the native and the Meriam is mounted on a brass Crocodile and carriage with four wheels.


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