Malaysia Parliament Series 1977 10 Cents With Split Die Strike Errors.


A trip to Pahang recently came back with this piece of Malaysia Parliament Series dated 1977 10 Cents coin with Split Die Strike errors.

A die crack that extends from one point on the rim to another. A rim-to-rim die crack can more-or-less bisect the die face. In that case we can designate it a median or bisecting rim-to-rim die crack.

A rim-to-rim die crack can also be located well off to one side. In that case we can designate it an asymmetrical rim-to-rim die crack.

The course of a rim-to-rim die crack can be straight, irregular, or curved.

A curved rim-to-rim die crack is sometimes called a "pre-cud die crack" even though there's no guarantee that it will progress to a cud (marginal die break). A rim-to-rim die crack will typically show lateral spread, leaving a thin raised line on the coin. In some cases, a segment of the die crack will exhibit slight vertical displacement. If the entire die crack exhibits vertical displacement, horizontal offset, or a mixture of the two, it is designated a retained cud. A rim-to-rim die crack can worsen and extend deep into the die neck. This allows the sides of the crack to spread apart. If the raised line on the coin is unusually wide, it is usually designated a "split die". (By Mike Diamond, BJ Neff, Jeff Ylitalo, Jason Cuvelier, Fred Weinberg & Jon Sullivan) 

The image above shows a bisecting,Split Die Strike Error, The die crack which begins above the A in MALAYSIA transits downward,curved through the "10" denomination The termination point of the die crack is passing through in front of the date 1977 and into the rim.


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