MNS AUCTION 156 Lots 81-111 (PART 4)

Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.156  30th June 2013. Museum Negara.Special Preview.Lots:81-111 (Part 4)

Lot  Qty                      Description                    Grade      Reserve Price
81   1     Japanese Occupation of Malaya - Lottery Ticket no 288158
                                                                                       AU    100
                                                            REALISED : RM 260
82   1     Straits Settlements $1 1930 P/42 39060 (rust marks)
                                                                                       VF  1,000

83   1     Malaya & British Borneo $1 1959 C/40 246832 Thomas De La Rue
             (light foxing)                                                       GEF   150

84   1     Malaya $10 1941 F/32 082986                              AVF    300
                                                        REALISED : RM 300

85   1     Malaysia 3rd Series RM1 J/50 111111 Ismail Ali's signature
             (light stain on reverse)                                          UNC   650

86   1     Malaysia 6th Series RM50 WD1111111 Jaffar Hussein's signature,
             Thomas De La Rue                                              UNC   900

87   1     Malaysia 3rd Series RM1 G/92 654023 Error last digit '3' for
             bottom serial nos. shifted down and partly printed, Ismail Ali's
             signature                                                             UNC   150

88   2     Malaysia 3rd & 7th Series RM1 H/15 737938 & RM5 QW3997904
             (last prefix) Errors prints of both notes shifted about 5% to the top
             and touching the top borders, Ismail Ali's and Ahmad Don's
             signatures                                                              VF   150

89   3     Malaysia 10th Series RM5 AL8002202, 03 & 04 Error '03' minor
             shift in serial nos. '02' & '04' normal, Ali Abul Hassan's (centre)
             signature                                                                AU   100

90  17    Malaysia 1st - 4th Series RM1 Code letters A, B, C, D, E, E, F, G,
             H, J, K, L, L, M, N, P & Q Ismail Ali's & Aziz Taha's signatures
             Average                                                                 VF    150

91   2     Malaysia 5th Series RM1 AA8240699/700 (first prefix) Aziz Taha's
             signature (light foxing)                                            AU     20
                                                                            REALISED : RM 35

92  30    Malaysia 8th, 9th & 10th Series RM2 BX4382361/70,
             DH5295761/70 & DT 3608561/70 (DT - minor foxing), Ahamd
             Don's, Ali Abul Hassan's (side) & (centre) signatures
             (last 2 digits same & matching for all 3 sets)            UNC   250

93   2     Malaysia 2nd Series RM5 A/66 228162/63 Ismail Ali's signature
             (light foxing)                                                          AU    300

94   2     Malaysia 6th Series RM5 NM8659996/97 (with cross on flag post)
             (light foxing) Jaffar Hussein's signature                      AU     50

95   2     Malaysia 6th Series RM5 NR4485432 (with cross on flag post) &
             NR5562832 (without cross on flag post) both with Jaffar Hussein's
             signature                                                               UNC   200

96   2     Malaysia 6th Series Replacements RM5 NZ0338099
             (minor crimp on left border) (with cross on flag post) &
             NZ0361343 (without cross on flag post) both with Jaffar Hussein's
             signature                                                              UNC    600
                                                             REALISED : RM 600

97   5     Malaysia 11th Series RM5 BJ7527806/10 
             (last prefix for paper notes) Dr Zeti Aziz's signature  UNC     90
                                                                   REALISED : RM 90

98  10    Malaysia 11th Series RM5 CA0505527, 1460597, 2927727,
             3440527, 4322427, 5125427, 6446227, 7985527, 8646027 &
             9820027 (1st prefix for polymer notes) Dr Zeti Aziz's signature,
             all notes with prefix 'CA' and ending with digit '7'     UNC   150
                                                                      REALISED : RM 220

99   6     Malaysia 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Series RM10 A/9 055202 (AU),
             B/35 771829 (GEF), C/59 833972 (GEF), D/40 217253 (EF),
             E/59 647215 (EF) & F/20 166394 (EF) Complete code letters set
             and all with Ismail Ali's signature (Ageing)           EF - AU  500
                                                                      REALISED : RM 600

100  2     Malaysia 3rd Series RM10 E/10 743745/46 Ismail Ali's signature     
                                                                                         AU    180
                                                                       REALISED : RM 180

101  2     Malaysia 6th & 10th Series Replacements RM10 QA0768051 &
             ZA0749750 Jaffar Hussein's & Ali Abul Hassan's (centre) signatures
                                                                                       UNC   400
                                                            REALISED : RM 400

102  2     Malaysia 8th & 9th Series RM10 AV3530285 (last prefix) &
             AW5038329 (1st prefix) Ahmad Don's & Ali Abul Hassan's (side)
             signatures                                                            UNC   250
                                                                 REALISED : RM 500

103  2     Malaysia 9th & 10th Series RM10 BF4813885 (last prefix) &
             BG0489514 (1st prefix) Ali Abul Hassan's (side) & (centre)
             signatures                                                            UNC   250
                                                                     REALISED : RM 700

104  3     Malaysia 10th Series Replacements RM10 ZA0748535/37 Ali Abul
             Hassan's (centre) signature                                    UNC   400
                                                                      REALISED : RM 400

105  5     Malaysia 12th Series Replacements RM10 ZF0065214/18 Dr Zeti
             Aziz's signature (minor handling)                            UNC    90
                                                                   REALISED : RM 300

106  8     Malaysia 5th & 6th Series RM20 TA, TB, TC, TD, TE (all GVF),
             TF, TG & TH (all VF) Aziz Taha's signature & Jaffar Hussein's
             signature (complete code letters set)                VF - GVF  500
                                                                REALISED : RM 500

107  3     Malaysia 6th Series RM20 TF, TG & TH all with Jaffar Hussein's
             signature                                                              AVF   150
                                                                REALISED : RM 150

108  1     Malaysia 1st Series RM50 A/12 370787 Ismail Ali's signature
                                                                                       GVF   850

109  1     Malaysia 6th Series RM50 YK7111005 Jaffar Hussein's signature,
             B A Banknote                                                       UNC   170
                                                                  REALISED : RM 170

110  2     Malaysia 9th Series Replacements RM100 ZA0114878 & 0147551
             Ali Abul Hassan's (side) signature                           AEF    280
                                                                     REALISED : RM 320

111  1     Malaysia 11th Series Replacement RM100 ZB0211118 Dr Zeti Aziz's
             signature                                                             GVF    130
                                                                     REALISED : RM 170

To Be Continued.................


  1. Why is it that most of the notes up for the auction are not of high grade like UNC ? Even common notes of low grade are being accepted for Auction by our society which will bring down it's name . Members should be encouraged to put up better quality notes . Hope this message will reach the society's committee . Thanks.

  2. Hi Randhawa,
    Yes, you are right.The MNS Society is facing problems getting quality numismatic items for the auction. Recently,more new collectors are emerging and only buying but no selling.And senior numismatists' high quality items are putting into Singapore auction houses for better returns.

  3. sugarcoatedcandymanJune 1, 2013 at 1:32 AM

    At the end of the day this hobby is all about as much money as you can. There is no joy of collecting anymore but only importance of earning as much as you can. Every seller only wants to earn. Numismatics id now more known as a business rather than an enjoyable hobby

  4. I think mr randhawa is absolutely wrong . Mns is doing a great and splendid job and I feel that they do and don't just talk. If they were to only accept high quality items then new and small collectors will be alienated from the hobby and feel like this hobby is only for the rich and seniors only. By doing this everyone can participate and enjoy the auction. I'm happy to see new collectors turn up and bid on those so called by you as low grade as there is a demand and interest . If mr randhawa wants to make a change then join the committee and run for president ,please do not bring down the reputation of mns. Merci


  5. Mr randhawa with all due respect I believe you should start your own auction house and see if more go to mns or more go to your own auction that you set up

  6. Mr randhawa pls go to Singapore as there are more high quality notes, we know that you have tons of cash and can compete with the Singaporeans if the auction is not good enough for you


  7. Lovely items this round in auction

    Abdul Malik

  8. If I am in Brunei and not able to attend what would be your procedures if to participate. I am interested for item 85 & 86. Please clarify.thanks.

  9. Hi Lawrence Chew,
    Thank you for dropping by and good infos.

  10. Hi Anonymous,
    Firstly, we only open to our MNS members.So to be able to bid you must join MNS as a member.For details you may visit