Malaysia Parliament House Series 1971 $1.00 UK Royal Mint Variety With Rim Clip Error.
Many error coins collectors will agreed with me, to find a piece of big size coin with error is a difficult task,because of the big surface on the coin, it is very easy to spot any minor errors.
This is a piece of Malaysia Parliament House Series or the first series of  Malaysia $1.00 crown size coin with a Rim Clipped error occurred at the position of 5 o'clock on the reverse of the coin. To labelled it as a piece of RRR rare in grade is because it was minted in UK Royal Mint ( known to be very stringent on his quality control) and still in brilliant uncirculated condition. On its lettered edge, the font of alphabet "M" used on the word "Malaysia" is a font used by UK Royal Mint variety.
(You may visit my Blog MALAYSIA ONE DOLLAR 1971 MINTED IN ROYAL MINT UK) for more details.

Rim Clip Error
According to the Error Coin Encyclopedia by Margolis and Weinberg, its technically called a disk clip. Others may refer to it as a "rim clip". The rim clip is major enough to be categorized as a clip but minor enough to not show the typical characteristics of a clip such as the Blakesley effect. Typically, its just enough of a clip to disrupt the formation of the coins rim and nothing more. Rim Clips usually have fully reeded edges since the minting process itself actually enlarges the planchet.


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