TUNKU GOLD COIN $100 1971.

Malaysia 1971 100 Ringgit Gold Coin Tunku Abdul Rahman
Commemorating Tunku Abdul Rahman the thirteenth year of  premiership as first Prime Minister of Malaysia  since 1957, Bank Negara Malaysia issued a RM 100 gold coin on 30th August 1971.
Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj Ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdul Hamid Shah known as "Father of Independence or Father of Malaysia".

This Malaysia first gold coin was minted by Perth Mint of Australia.Weight at 18.66 grammes or 0.5502 oz, diameter measured at 27.70mm with composition is Gold 0.917.
Total mintage was recorded as 100,000 pieces,but upon my checking with many senior gold coins collectors and numismatists,I was told by them more then 80% of these gold coins were already ended up in smelting pot.
When it was issued with a face value of RM 100, the gold bullion price was valued around RM78 per piece during then, but  as the gold price keep ascending, a lot of the owners who collected them as gold investment already sold them at gold bullion price.

Today, my guess on this Malaysia first gold coin still available in the market is less then 20,000 pieces.It is less then the total mintage of 1971 10 sen coin (32,236 pieces).
The current market price is RM3300/UNC to RM3800/BU per piece.
 A must have for Malaysian gold coin collector


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