Siamese Singgora/Songkhla Tin Coin With Arabic Inscription.
In the 18th century many Chinese immigrants, especially from Guangdong and Fujian, came to the province. Quickly rising to economic wealth, one of them won the bidding for the major tax farm of the province in 1769, establishing the Na Songkhla (i.e. 'from Songkhla') family as the most wealthy and influential.

In 1777 the family also gained political power, when the old governor was dismissed and Luang Inthakhiri (Yiang), Chinese name Wu Rang (呉譲)) became the new governor. In 1786 the old governor started an uprising, which was however put down after four months. The post was inherited in the family and held by 8 of his descendants until 1901, when Phraya Wichiankhiri (Chom) was honorably retired as part of the administrative reforms of Prince Damrong Rajanubhab.

This is a small piece (only 24mm in diameter) of 1809 A.D. unlisted Singgora Tin Pitis which I collected recently. It was not listed in the book named "Siamese Coins From Funan to the Fifth Reign" authored by Mr.Ronachai Krisadaolarn and my friend Mr.Vasilijs Mihailovs.

Obverse: In Arabic " Malik Al Adil" ( The Just Ruler). It is very similar to the Terengganu's Pitis. It exhibits three dots under the Arabic inscription " Al Adil".

Reverse :In Siamese " song khla " (Singgora).

Edge : Plain.(2.5mm)
Diameter: 24mm ( Size of Malaysia 20 Cents Coin).
Thickness: 2.5mm.

 I need more information about this Singgora tin coin, you are most welcome to contribute!

Comments From:

Vasilijs Mihailovs

11:51 PM
I will discuss this piece with Ronachai Krisadaolarn on Friday. I have
never seen anything similar to that. The Thai script does say
"Songkhla"; the Jawi script spells "Malik Al-Adil" with a couple of
script mistakes, suggesting that the coin might have been produced in
what is Thailand today, not in Malaysia. I will follow up on this coin -
if genuine (and so far it looks genuine to me), this is a very
interesting specimen. Can you send me the picture files by email please,
along with weight and diameter?

Are you coming to the Bangkok auction this weekend by chance?

Best regards - Vasilijs


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