My Trip To Kelantan (16th To 18Th August 2014) In conjunction With The Coins Exhibition Of Museum Kelantan.(Day 2)
Early morning on my second day in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, I received a sms from Dato Sharuddin at 6.38am : "Boss, pukul 8 pagi dia orang ajak minum Milo tonggeng. Tunggu kita orang ambil."

At 8 o'clock sharp, En Poknik came with Dato Sharuddin to my hotel  to pick me for "Milo Tonggeng" breakfast. On the way, En.Poknik decided to visit the other stall that serve "Milo Tumpah".

We arrived at Kedai Makan Kiasatina. I was attracted by the numbers of local delicacies that were display on the table. I thought of trying every kind of food available, but there are more then 30 types of packed food for me to chose. Dato Sharuddin and me were walking in and out of the shop and tried to pick our choice. Then came a new friend En Ahmad Sanusi , he brought us his famous packed food; the Nasi Kampung Air Dingin for us to try. Meanwhile, we ordered the "Milo Tumpah" and "Telur Gedek-gedek"

Nasi Kampung Air Dingin is very much looked like Nasi Dagang of Terengganu. It is so famous in Kota Bharu that En.Ahmad Sanusi got to ready for an average of 4,500 packets everyday. During the weekends, his 20 workers need to get ready with a total of not less then 5,000 packets. He told me some 300 to 350 packets will be delivered to Kuala Lumpur by flight.
While we were enjoying the very tasty Nasi Kampung Air Dingin, the "Milo Tumpah" were served to us. It was looked like a ice cream topping. The Milo powder were so plentiful until there were overflow over the edge. It took me a while to stir them evenly. I just can finish them. Dato Sharuddin and me were looking at it and laughed through the whole breakfast.
After finished the Nasi Kampung Air Dingin, I decided to try the "Nasi Tumpang". It looked like a drum stick ice cream with shrimp sambal. Very tasty too.
Ustaz Rusdi Jusoh came to join us half an hour later. I challenged him to try the "Milo Tumpah", he refused. He said he already "kena" many times.
En Poknik and Ustaz Rusdi Jusoh showed me some pieces of their rare coins. I was very attracted to a "Matahari" tin coin. It was belonged to Ustaz Rusdi Jusoh.
Dato Shrauddih, Ahmad Sanusi, Poknik Newbie, Ustaz Rusdi Jusoh and me were having a very enjoyed and fruitfull breakfast.

At 10.30am, we proceed to Museum Kelantan to check the display of the coins and banknotes for the exhibition. All the museum staff, supervisors and directors were there and very busy with the display and arrangement of the opening ceremony. I was introduced to YB MEJ.(Rtd) Dato' Hj. Md. Anizam Bin Ab. Rahman, the Member of Kelantan State Meeting Council and The Committee Chairman of Culture, Tourism And Heritage. I am so happy to meet Tuan Haji Alwi, the President of Keris Society of Kelantan. He is the old buddy friend of my Sifu-Sifu in Kuala Lumpur.
We had lunch at the Nasi Ulam Cikgu Restoran at the Pusat Kraft dan Handicraft Museum. It was an  unforgettable lunch. We were joined by more numismatists, there were Silmon Loo, Michael Chew and friends, the representative of The Malaysia Book of Records , Miss Suhaila Shamsuddin., the Directors of The Kelantan Museum and others.
After the beautiful and tasty lunch, I went to visit the only antique shop in Kota Bharu, the A. Zahari Antik shop. I met the son En.Azman, a Chinese Muslim. Upon on my request , he showed me some Kijang Gold Kupangs.
I managed to get a piece of gold Kupang Kijang with the reverse in scripted in Arabic: "Isma Adil" (SS59) a rare piece. I also bought two pieces of contemporary counterfeit gold Kijang for reference.
I met Mr. Selvam in the hotel. He arrived by coach from Kuala Lumpur after 8 hours of tired travelling. I received a call from En Rusdi Ahmad, a Siamese traders who insist to buy me dinner.
Mr.Selvam joined me for the dinner together with En. Rusdi Ahmad's friends.We had Nasi Kerabu at Restoran Nasi Kerabu Golok.

To be continued.....
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