Patani-Kelantan Gold Kupang The " Paduka Shah Alam".
Rarity: RR/SS40

This is an other piece of  Gold Kupang coin that I received from a friend whom I met during my recent trip visit to Kota Bharu Kelantan.

This Gold Kupang weight at 0.61 gram and with a diameter measured at 9.50mm. On the obverse inscripted  in Arabic "Paduka Shah Alam" which means "His Highness Shah Alam" and on the reverse is "Isma Adil" means "Brave and Just". The composition is gold.

I read an article written in the "The Malayan Branch of The Royal Asiatic Society". In June 1920, when a collector obtained this circular coin in bright yellow gold, size about 9mm and weight about 9.4 grains (O.6gm) in Terengganu, a large number of numismatists have seen it but are unable to say where it comes from. Some said it comes from Atjeh (Acheh) of North Sumatra because the name  "Shah Alam" occurs on some of the local gold coins in Acheh. One even thinks it emanated from some small South Indian State, possibly the Beejapur State owing to its type and characters. The Madras Museum thinks it was issued by one of the Mughal Emperors. Ultimately, many suggested it should belongs to some Malay Peninsula State.

Obverse: In Arabic "Paduka Shah Alam" (His Highness Shah Alam).

Reverse: In Arabic "Isma Adil" (Brave and Just).
Edge: Plain.
Weight: 0.61gm.
Diameter: 9.50mm
Composition: Gold.


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