Launching Of Astro Program "Time Capsule Malaysia" in History Channel  (ASTRO Ch. 555 & 575HD)
Responding to the earlier invitation by FINAS, at 3.00pm today, I went to attend the Media Launch of  program "TIME CAPSULE MALAYSIA"  by FINAS. This is a special program produced by Code Computer Design Sdn Bhd for Astro HISTORY CHANNEL (ASTRO Ch. 555 & 575HD) and  FINAS (Perbadanan Kemajuan Filem Nasional Malaysia) - the co-owners of series.
This program was launch in conjunction with the Malaysia Day celebration. There are all together 6 episodes. These programs were produced based on the old footage retrieved from the achieves of FINAS. There are mainly focus on the untold history or history of Malaysia that was unknown to many Malaysian.
First episode was showing the "Beehive" hair style of lady in the 1950's, actress Saloma's era. Followed by episode focused on sky high rise buildings in Malaysia in the 1960's compare to the current modern sky high rise buildings. Next is the episode of how our "Tugu Malaysia" was designed and constructed.
One episode was on the Wayang Kulit of the old performance versus the current modern "Wayang Kulit" by Tintoy Chuo, Creator & producer of PBWK (Peperangan Bintang Wayang Kulit).

Another episode was showing the community of a remote kampong how they got together to pipe the water from a waterfall to their homes during a dry spelt.

Episode on the topic of our Malaysia coin set of 10 pieces unissued, unrecorded uniface Animal Series Trial Pattern coins intended for general circulation in 1967 that was filmed by interviewed me at Dickson Niew Collection shop at Subang Jaya will be air on 21st September 2014 at 9.30pm at  HISTORY CHANNEL (ASTRO Ch. 555 & 575HD).
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It was a very interesting Media Launching. The Directors of FINAS and Production House briefed us on the details of the filming process. They was a media Q & A session and photography session right after the launch.
Mr.Gerard Benedit. Managing Director Of Code Computer Design S.B.
Host Mr. Razif Hashim  and Dato Ar. Haji Hajeedar.
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EPISODES                                            AIR DATE TIME
1                                                             14 Sep 2104 9.00pm
2                                                             14 Sep 2014 9.30pm
3                                                             21 Sep 2014 9.00pm
4                             21 Sep 2014   9.30pm
5                                                             28 Sep 2104 9.00pm
6                                                             28 Sep 2014 9.30pm

Happy viewing and special thanks to Tuan Haji Rani and Mr. Selvam for accompanied me.

You can read more about Time Capsule Malaysia Documentary at History Channel Asia website: Time Capsule Malaysia
Among the VVIPs I met today:
Dato Ar.Haji Hajeedar Bin Haji Abdul Majid. AMN.DSIS.Dipl Arch (Ports UK). Fellow PAM.ARIBA (Rtd) Cert. City Planning (Tokyo).
Dato' Mustapha Ma'arof. D.P.T.J.(N.S.). D.S.A.P.(Phg). K.M.N., A.M.N., A.M.S.,.P.P.T.,P.J.K.\
Puan Sri TD Ampikaipakan JP.

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