New "Coins & Banknotes Malaysia 1967-2015" Edited By WK Finest Collection.

Early morning today, I received a call from Mr.Benny Liew of WK Finest Collection. He told me his new catalog the "Coins & Banknotes Malaysia 1967-2015" is ready for distribution today.

I congratulated him for his success to become the fourth publisher of publishing a catalog for coins and banknotes of Malaysia.

It will be sold in most of the local coins and banknotes dealers, you can  also order through the internet. The catalog was sold for RM38. Only limited to 3333 copies.

In this catalog, there are information on banknotes grading (page 4). There are information on suggested or recommended selling price on first prefix and last prefix, replacement, banknote printers, solid numbers, ladder numbers and millions numbers of banknotes of all denominations from 1st series to the current 12th series. Special additional features in this catalog is it recommends the selling price for graded banknotes by PMG for PMG64 to PMG 67.

There are also information on coins grading (Page 88). It provides the grading term & numerical rating. Grade descriptions and abbreviations on non-certified and certified coins. It listed the year of minting, the mint companies, the total mintage of coins, it listed the realized prices of auction houses on coins of  Malaysia 1 sen to 1 ringgit for 1st series (Parliament House Series), 2nd series (Bunga Raya Series) and 3rd series. It also listed the recommended selling prices of graded coins by NGC for NGC 65 to NGC 67.

The recommended selling prices and details of Proof and Non-Proof Commemorative Coins, Coin Sets and Coin Cards issued by Bank Negara Malaysia from 1969 to 2014 are included but no recommended selling on encapsulated commemorative coins.

There are some mistakes that you have to take notes, the coins grading is NGC not PMG as listed,the diameter and weight for 5 Cents of Bunga Raya Series , the measurement of diameter for 50 Cents (Bunga Raya Series),the weight of RM1.00 (Bunga Raya Series), the diameter and weight on our 3rd series coinage, some details of commemorative coins are in mistakes too (e.g.the weight of 1971 RM5) and more........

I personally do not understand how the editor established the recommended selling prices for graded coins and banknotes on PMG or NGC 64 to 67.


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