Johor Gold Mas Coin With Crude Inscriptions.
"Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah"
My recent acquisition of Malay States Sultanate Coin is a piece of "look like" Johor Mas Gold coin coded SS12 and rated as RRRR in Saran Singh's book "The Encyclopaedia Of THE COINS OF MALAYSIA SINGAPORE AND BRUNEI 1400-1967".
"Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah"
It is a round shape Mas Gold with a weight of 2.54gm and its diameter measured at 16mm. On its obverse is in very crude Arabic inscription that resembled "Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah" and with a very stylish " Khalifatul Muminin " in Arabic inscription on the reverse.
"Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah"
I took it to consult my Malay States Sultanate Coins Sifu Master Tan Tai Seng, he said the gold coin indeed is a old Mas coin but the crude Arabic inscriptions worried him on its  authenticity. Later, I shared the images with Tuan Haji Rani (KL) and Sifu Kenny Ong (Malacca), both replied to me with the same commend, the spelling on the Arabic inscription is wrong.
"Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah"
The next sifu that I consulted is Mr. Wei Yen Kong. He said it is an interesting old Mas gold coin. It has the crude inscription font that similar to the Johor SS20: " Sultan Sulaiman Shah" Gold Kupang. The font inscription of "Sultan" is similar to the "Sultan Muzaffar Shah" Mas Gold  SS4.
He recalled he has seen some pictures of Malay States Sultanate gold coins kept in British Museum were having the same crude Arabic inscriptions like this. He suspected that some of these coins may have been issue by other Malay States in archipelago during the era of  Empayar Johor.

I need more comments! Thank you in advance.

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