Rare Kelantan Pitis Or Keping 1321.A.H. (1904) Brass Mould (Reverse)
Rarity: RRRR
Today, I was very lucky to be given a chance to hold a rare piece of brass mould for a Kelantan Pitis or Keping of a tree of 17 Pitis of SS24 type. (1721 A.H.)

The mould is in two halves with each half bearing the obverse and reverse design. In this case, it is a reverse design mould. The design is in incused and retrogrades (mirror script).
Two pieces of moulds (obverse & reverse) were fitted together by the corner pegs as well as outside clamps. When molten tin was poured in through the bottom opening it ran along the central channel into side branches and finally into coin moulds where the Pitis were cast.
After the metal had cooled and hardened, the coins were broken off and excess metal of the central stem and branches was re-smelted for further use.


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