PLANCHET OF SINGAPORE $1.00 (1987-2011)

Singapore $1.00 (1987-2011) Aluminium-Bronze Planchet.
During my recent trip (11-9-2016) to visit the Johor Stamps & Coins Society's fair at Dangga City Mall, I was lucky to be given a chance by Mr. Chye to inherit a piece of Singapore $1.00 Aluminium-Bronze Planchet which was used in 1987 to 2011 for the second series of circulation coins in Singapore.
A S$1.00 in the second series of Singapore circulating coins which was issued from 1987 to 2011 was having a milled edge bears an inscription of "REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE" and a lion head symbol. Its weight is 6.30gm, diameter is 22.40mm and thickness is 2.40mm.
On the obverse design is the Singapore Arms in the centre surrounded by the word "SINGAPORE" in the four official languages (English, Malay, Mandarin & Tamil) around the circumference of the coin. The year-date is below the Singapore Arms. It has an octagonal frame around its circumference.

On the reverse design is the Periwinkle (Lochnera rosea) in the centre with the four smaller Periwinkle surrounding it, the figures "$1" below it, and the words "ONE DOLLAR" above it. An octagonal frame surrounds the design.

The S$1.00 planchet that I am having is with an edge bears a inscription of "REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE" and a lion head symbol but without the reed. No design on the obverse & reverse.

Normal Weight: 6.30gm.

Normal Diameter: 22.40mm. After the strike to form the obverse and reverse design as well the mill edge, it will reach the normal diameter of 22.40mm.


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