MNP Coins & Banknotes Auction At sPICE (PISA) Penang On 11-1-2015 (Part 1)
Is rather a good experience to be involved in the MNP Coins & Banknotes Auction which was held at sPICE or more commonly known as PISA Convention Center.

I was arrived at sPICE Center at 1.30pm on Saturday (10-1-2015) after checked in to the Vistana Hotel which is just about 8 minutes drive from sPICE Center. I was welcome by the team members of MNP Auctioneer (Central) Sdn Bhd. 15 minutes later I was accompanied by Mr. Lawrence De Souza.

We set up the pre-view counter. I was told there were many "numismatists" came to MNP counter on Friday looked for us to do verification and authentication on their coins and banknotes collections.
Mr. William Phang and Mr. Cho  also arrived before the Pre-View Session commence. After a short discussion, we were agreed to do some verification and authentication on coins and banknotes collections brought by those "numismatists". They were a steady flows of public members to do the registration.

While we were busy doing the public previewing, we also received members of public to show their coins and banknotes collections for authentication. Most of their items were old Straits Settlements coinages but majority were low quality in condition. Some of them got a good collections of  Straits Settlements Banknotes, also in low quality condition.
They were collectors showed me counterfeits, fantasy crown size silver dollar coins. When I told them their coins were not original, they were stunned and puzzled with an impression on their face that I was wrong. They told me they have been keeping them for more then 20 years. I advised them to get a second opinion from other experts.

I realized that we need to have a numismatic club in Penang, so that we can share the knowledge of collecting the right numismatic items and how to keep them. I feel very sorry when they were very disappointed after I told them the value of their collections. However, many of them were very happy after we told them ways of improve and to keep their collections.

During the public preview on Saturday, I  met many of my facebook and Niewmismatic Error Coins Blog visitors. Cheers.

To Be Continued..................
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