MNS AUCTION NO.163 K.L.(LOT:201 TO LOT 251/300) 22-3-2015

Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.163  22nd March 2015 K.L.Special Preview.Lot:201-251/300

I am posting a series of auction items to be listed in our MNS Auction No.163. The 163rd Auction by the Society will be held on SUNDAY, 22nd. March. 2015 commencing at 9.30 a.m. Please note that this Auction will be held at:
Muzium Negara, Jalan Petalawati,50480,Kuala Lumpur.
I am not a professional photographer, those images posted are taken by using my normal camera to my lever best. These posts are done with my own initiative. Your comments are most welcome to better my Blog. Happy Niewmismatic.

Lot   Qty        Description                                                     Grade            Reserve Price (RM)

201     1         Johor Sultanate Tin Katun Obv. Malik Al Adil
                      (off-centre, only some parts of the inscriptions are seen)
                       Rev. Blank, Octagonal (8 sided) in shape (Unlisted)
                                                                                                  Fine           20

202     1         Johor Sultanate Tin Katun Obv. A Plain Bar, Rev. Fragments of Letters,
                      Octagonal (8 sided) in shape (Unlisted)            GVF           30
203     1         Johor Sultanate Tin Katun Obv. A Plain Bar within a Border,
                      Rev. Blank, Round in shape (Unlisted)             GVF           30

204     1         Johor Private Tin Jokoh Obv. 4 Fish,
                      Rev. Blank (Unlisted)                                           VF         100
 Realised: RM170
205     1        Johor Private Tin Jokoh Obv. Zheng Ping Yuan Bao,
                     Rev. Blank (Unlisted)                                            EF         150
Realised: RM240

206     1         Malacca Sultanate Tin Pitis Sultan Muzaffar Shah  (1456 - 1477) 1 Pitis,
                      Obv. Muzaffar Shah Al Sultan,
                      Rev. Nasir Al Dunia Wai Din SS.1                   GVF          60
 Realised: RM85
207     1         Malacca Sultanate Tin Pitis Sultan Muzaffar Shah (1456 - 1477) 1/4 Pitis,
                      Obv. Muzaffar Shah Al Sultan,
                      Rev. Nasir Al Dunia Wai Din, Diameter. 10mm
                      (Unlisted)                                                          AVF         150
 Realised: RM200

208     1         Malacca Sultanate Tin Pitis Sultan Mansur Shah (1456 - 1477) 1/2 Pitis,
                      Obv. Mansur Shah bin Muzaffar Shah Al Sultan,
                      Rev. Nasir Al Dunia Wai Din SS.3                  GVF           60
Realised: RM150
209     1         Malacca Private Tin Jokoh   Obv. Zhi Dao Yuan Bao,
                      Rev. Blank (Unlisted)                                       AEF           60
Realised: RM60

210     1         Malacca Private Tin Jokoh  Obv. Xian Ping Yuan Bao,
                      Rev. Blank (Unlisted)                                        AEF           60
Realised: RM120
211     1         Malacca Private Tin Jokoh   Obv. Yuan Feng Tong Bao,
                      Rev. Blank (Unlisted)                                          VF            50
Realised: RM65

212     1         Malacca Private Tin Jokoh Obv. Shao Sheng Yuan Bao,
                      Rev. Blank (Unlisted)                                          VF            50
Realised: RM70
213     1         Malacca Portuguese Tin Bastardo 3rd Issue
                      Obv. Coat of Arms of Portugal surrounded by legends,
                      Rev. Armillary sphere Diameter. 30mm. Tickness 4mm.
                       (Sim M.20)                                                      AVF          120

214     1         Malacca Portuguese Tin Bastardo   Obv. Uncrowned Coat of Arms
                      of Portugal, rosette surrounded by dots above shield
                      Rev. Armillary sphere (Sim J3.05)                  Fine            50
215     1         Malacca Portuguese Tin Bartardo Obv. Crowned Coat of Arms
                       of Portugal, Rev. 3 Crossed Arrows dividing the letters "S B"
                      (or San Sebastiao) Diameter. 33mm (Sim S.01) AVF      120

216     1         Terengganu Sultanate Tin Pitis 
                       Obv. Duriba Fi Trekanu Sanat 1265 (1849) the inscription in incused
                       Rev. Blank (SS.12)                                        AVF           50
217     1         Terengganu 10 Keping Obv. Duriba Fi Trekanu 1310 (1892/93)
                      Rev. Sepuloh Keping 10 (SS.15)                   AVF            80
Realised: RM90

218     1         Terengganu Sultanate Tin Pitis Obv. Malik Al Adil Rev. Khalifatul Muminin,
                       a small hole in coin (SS.25)                         AVF             80
 Realised: RM80
219     1         Terengganu Sultanate Tin Pitis Obv. Malik Al Adil
                       Rev. Blank (SS.26)                                         VF             50
Realised: RM50

220     1         Withdraw.Sorry!

221     1         Terengganu Sultanate Tin Pitis Obv. Malik Al Adil  Rev. Blank
                       Diameter. 28.5mm. coin is not flat (SS.28)   VF           150
Realised: RM150

222     1         Terengganu Sultanate Tin Pitis Obv. Malik Al Adil within a toothed border;
                       5 stars Rev. Blank (SS.29)                          GVF           120
Realised: RM140
223     1         Terengganu Sultanate Tin Pitis Obv. Malik Al Adi within a circle with
                       an outer border of leaves Rev. Blank Diameter. 30mm
                      Tiny holes on coin (SS.30)                          AVF           120
Realised: RM120

224     1         Terengganu Sultanate Tin Pitis Obv. Malik Al Adil Rev.
                      A Flowery Pattern (SS.31B)                       GVF           100
Realised: RM100
225     1         Terengganu Sultanate Tin Pitis Obv. Kali Malik Al Adil
                       Rev. Blank (SS.33)                                       VF             30
Realised: RM30

226     1         Pasai Gold 1/2 Kupang Sultan Mumin
                      Obv. Mumin Malik Al-Tahir  Rev. Al Sultan Al Adil
                      Weight. 0.35gram (SP.20)                             EF            600
Realised: RM600
227     1         Srivijaya/Majapahit Tin Coin Obv. A Lion (For Singapura?)
                      Rev. A Dagger (Keris) Diameter. 20mm
                      (Unlisted)                                                    GVF            100
 Realised: RM220

228     1         Bangka Tin Jokoh Obv. In Jawi "Haza Qurush Pangkat Pinang"
                      (This is Cash of Pangkat Pinang) Rev. In Chinese "Bing Lang Gong Si"
                      (Bing Lang Company) Diameter. 29mm. (Unlisted)
                                                                                          GVF            150
Realised: RM220
229     1         Pitis Timah Kerajaan Tidung Obv. Pangeran Di Pati (Retrograde)
                      Rev. Yang Maha Mulia Kerajaan Tidung is a previously unknown
                       old Islamic Kingdom at Kalimantan founded in the 16th century
                       (Unlisted)                                                      EF            150
Realised: RM150
230     1         Jambi Tin Pitis Obv. Sultan Anom Sri Ingalaga Rev. Blank
                      (Millies Plate 18, No. 177-181)                  GVF            100
Realised: RM100
231     1         Banten/Bantam Tin Pitis Obv. In Javanese "Pangeran Ratou"
                      Rev. Blank                                                     EF            100

232     1         Malaysia 50 Cents with lettered edge only "Bank Negara Malaysia"
                      Obv. & Rev Blank                                         EF            120
Realised: RM320
233     1         Malaysia 10 Cents Planchet (Blank)             EF              30
Realised: RM65

234     4         Malacca Portuguese Tin Dinheiros 4 different varieties Sim. J3.07,
                       Sim. J3.11, Sim. J3.12 & Sim. S.15           Fine           100
Realised: RM100

235     1         United States of America (USA) Commemorative Quarters
                      from 1999 - 2008 in a Special Customs-made Collector's Album
                      51 coins in total (50 coins displaying reverse of 50 different states in USA
                      and 1 coin displaying the obverse)     EF - UNC          150
 Realised: RM240

236     1         Malaysia 10 Cents 1971 (Variety 2)          UNC           550
Realised: RM550
237     4         Malaysia 11th Series Replacements RM1 ZAA0094310 (GEF),
                      ZAB0553403 (AU), ZAC0020969 (UNC) & ZAD0573023 (UNC)
                      all with Dr Zeti Aziz's signatures   GEF - UNC            500

238     2         Malaysia 11th Series Replacements RM1 ZC0820470 & ZE1222279
                      both with Dr Zeti Aziz's signatures           UNC             60
Realised: RM60
239     1         Indonesia RP50000 1999 Rudolf Soepratman UNC       20
Realised: RM30

240     1         Indonesia RP50000 1995 President Suharto  UNC         20
Realised: RM30
241     1         Indonesia RP100000 1999 President Soekarno (polymer)
                                                                                         UNC            40
Realised: RM50

242     1         Malaysia 6th Series RM20 TG1975481 Jaffar Hussein's signature,
                      Thomas De La Rue                                       AU          100
243     2         Malaysia 9th Series Replacements RM100 ZA0262616/17
                      Ali Abul Hassan's (side) signatures           UNC           800
Realised: RM900

244     1         Malaysia 12th Series Error RM10 BH6212137 (Extra piece of paper (tail)
                      protruding from bottom left corner of note and with colour codes)
                       Dr Zeti Aziz's signature                               AU           600
 Realised: RM800

245     5         Malaysia 11th Series RM10 FD0956961/65 Dr Zeti Aziz's signatures
                      (1st prefix with new additional Silver Security Bar) minor foxing
                                                                                          UNC           500
246     4         Malaysia 9th Series Replacements RM2 ZD0264224/27
                      Ali Abul Hassan's (side) signatures (foxing) UNC        600

247     1         Malaysia 2nd Series Replacements RM10 Z/3 949772 Ismail's Ali's signature,
                      Thomas De La Rue                                        VF           300
Realised: RM360

248     1         Malaysia 11th Series RM1 8 piece uncut in folder,
                      Dr Zeti Aziz's signatures (minor foxing)    UNC           350
Realised: RM390

249     1         Malaysia 8th Series Replacements RM2 ZA0418312, ZA0419812
                      & ZA0421312 3 piece uncut in folder, Ahmad Don's signatures
                                                                                           UNC           280
Realised: RM280
250     1         Malaysia 7th Series & 8th Series RM10 A pair of 3 piece uncut both with
                      Ahmad Don's signatures                             UNC           380
Realised: RM380



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