Laugh Certificates Of Jerry Lewis.

On Mar 22nd 2015, I received an email from Greg Ruby

Greg Ruby

Hello! Mr. Dickson Niew,
I am writing in regards to the two Jerry Lewis Laugh Certificates featured in your blog post -
The Fourth Garrideb is a group of coin collectors who are also fans of Sherlock Holmes. We try to catalog numismatic items related to Sherlock Holmes.  On these two notes, Jerry Lewis is wearing a deerstalker hat, much like Sherlock Holmes would wear.
We would like to request permission to use your photographs of these notes on our blog and in our future catalog book of Sherlock Holmes numismatic items.
If you could supply any additional information about the notes, it would be appreciated.  Measurements of the note, info about Malayan Banking Ltd., info about Cathay Organisation Theatre and Odeon Theater.
On a personal note, I would very much like to acquire examples of these two notes and was hoping you could look for them on my behalf in Malaysia.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Best regards!
Greg D. Ruby
The Fourth Garrideb
2400 Boston Street #102-A19
Baltimore, MD  21224
@FourthGarrideb - Twitter

Jerry Lewis  was born in March 16, 1926. He is an American comedian, actor, singer, film producer, screenwriter and film director.

He is best known for his slapstick humor in film, television, stage and radio. He was originally paired up with Dean Martin in 1946, forming the famed comedy team of Martin and Lewis.

A similar Jerry Lewis's "Laugh Certificate" issued by Malayan Banking Ltd with titled "It's Only Money" in VF condition with a reserved price of RM60 was listed (Lot: 105) in our  Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.151 which was held on 25-03-2012. It was realised at RM 160.

The show: " It's Only Money " was screened by Cathay Organisation Theatre in Malaysia. Actor is Jerry Lewis (1960's).

The  Jerry Lewis Laugh Certificates is measured at 130mm X 76mm.

In 1960, The Malayan Banking Ltd was founded by Malaysian business tycoon Khoo Teck Puat (who died in 2004). The bank was formed by Mr.Khoo Teck Puat with a few partners in Kuala Lumpur. The bank grew rapidly to more than 150 branches within 3 years.
Today, The Maybank operates consumer banking, business and corporate banking as well as private banking services, through a network of 401 branch offices and more than 2,900 automated teller machines in Malaysia. The company operates 22 branches in Singapore providing a full range of banking and financial products and services. Maybank, through Maybank Philippines Incorporated, has 79 branches in the Philippines and also has a banking presence in most of the other Southeast Asian markets, including Brunei, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. The bank also operates branches in New York, London, Hong Kong and Bahrain.
The Cathay Organisation Holdings Limited is one of Singapore's leading leisure and entertainment groups. It has the first THX cinema hall and digital cinema in Singapore. The group has operations in Singapore and Malaysia.
Cathay Organisation was established on 18 July 1935 by Dato Loke Wan Tho and his mother, Mrs Loke Cheng Kim as Associated Theatres Ltd. In 1936, the company opened its first cinema in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Pavilion, with 1200 seats. The year 1939 saw the landmark Cathay Building open in Singapore with the Cathay Cinema premiering Sir Alexander Korda's Four Feathers. Cathay was the country's first air-conditioned cinema i.e. Cathay Cinema and the first skyscraper, the tallest in Southeast Asia during that time. It was the first time patrons could watch movies air-conditioned and sitting in a comfortable armchair. It was also used as a landmark by pilots as a final approach before landing.

Three years later, it showed its last show and was converted into a Red Cross casualty station. After the end of war in 1945, Cathay reopened and it was Singapore's first cinema to show American and British pictures as its first screening after closure. It signed a joint venture with another company to distribute mobile films to villages and estates in Malaysia. The group installed a new air-conditioning plant in 1948 and they started to acquire many cinemas in Singapore and Malaysia.

Odeon Cinema was opened in 1936. It has 2 cinema halls and is styled in Art Deco architecture.
Built by the Cathay Organization in 1936, the Odeon Cinema was an expression of the links between the innovations of cinematography and Art Deco.
AO Coltman was the architect and Steen Sehested prepared the reinforced concrete design. The building featured new safety designs such as emergency lighting and fire prevention systems for the projector room. State-of-the-art ventilation grills and exhaust fans enhanced air circulation. The foyers were laid with locally produced rubber flooring. There are strong Art Deco elements such as the lettering style of the cinema name, vertical pylons and flagpoles. Above the entrance, a horizontal beam, embellished with a mosaic depicting drama, comedy and music, intersects the strong vertical mullions. On the side fa├žade, 'ribs' create a vertical rhythm.


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