Malaya King George VI 194X 20 Cents Specimen Coin.
Rarity: Specimen
Few days ago, an anonymous of my Blog visitor send to me some images of this Malaya King George VI (KG VI) 20 Cents dated 194X.
It was transmitted via his/her hand set, the quality of the photos were not so good. I could not enlarge them to a bigger image due to its low resolution.

On the obverse of the coin , a "SPECIMEN" wording was struck vertically or up right position on the left side of the KG VI portrait. On the right, is a figure of number "9".
On the reverse, the year was dated as 194_.The last digit was not indicated. This indicates that it was struck for the purpose of a specimen coin. In my research, if the year is struck with a full "date", this coin will be a legal tender piece automatically.
A specimen coin is a brilliant image relief  struck against a planchet in order to achieve maximum visual impact. Specimen coins are struck up to two times on numismatic presses.

Specimen is used to describe any coin produced to a particularly high standard of finish. Used frequently before the 1970s, most of these coins would now be called proof quality. In recent years, some mints have produced especially good versions of its uncirculated coins which they call specimens. These are ordinary uncirculated coins which have been handled individually and with greater than normal care, to avoid most, but not all, of the surface blemishes which occur due to bulk handling. In that regard they would be very similar to brilliant uncirculated or FDC coins.

FDC: An abbreviation for "fleur-de-coin" (flower of the die). Similar to an uncirculated coin, but without marks from the minting process as FDC coins are largely prevented from touching other coins during manufacturing.

I hope the anonymous will supply me with more information.

Happy Sunday to all numismatists!



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