MNS Auction No.164 (K.L) On 28th June 2015
Countdown 10 Days.
The Malaysia Numismatic Society's 164th Auction organized by the society will be held on Sunday, 28th June 2015 commencing at 10.00am.

Viewing of lots will commence at 9.30am.
Vanue: Muzium Negara, Jalan Petalawati, 50480, Kuala Lumpur.

This is just a gentle reminder to all members of Malaysia Numismatic Society (MNS), remember to mark this date in your diary and make an effort to attend this auction.
Members of public are also welcome to visit us as there will be Bourse tables selling coins, banknotes and all sorts of coin and banknotes accessories, these are open to non society members.
To view auction items, you are invited to visit my Blog: Niewmismatic Error Coins, these are the links:
Mail bids are accepted by the Society and the Secretary will act on behalf of them. All bids must reach the Society 5 DAYS before the auction and the words "MAIL BIDS" must be clearly written on the envelope. In the event of two or more identical bids received, the earliest postmark has priority. Members are not allowed to bid below the reserve price.
The advance for each bid shall be as follows:
RM5 to RM19 - RM1.00
RM20 to RM49 - RM2.00
RM50 to RM99 - RM5.00
RM100 to RM199 - RM  10.00
RM200 to RM499 - RM  20.00
RM500 to RM999 - RM  50.00
RM1000 to RM1999 - RM100.00
RM2000 to RM4999 - RM200.00
RM5000 and above   - RM500.00

All items listed are genuine and authenticated to the best of the committee's ability. Prices realised will be published on the next  auction list.
There will be BOURSE TABLES available at RM60.00 per table. Members interested please book your tables with payments to Dickson Niew (+6017 9796337) at least one week before the auction. We wish all members make a point to attend this Auction as all sorts of Coin Accessories, Coins and Banknotes can be purchased from the Bourse Tables and especially from our Auction.
Members are requested to bring along the Auction List for ease of reference as only the lot number and the reserve price will be announced once the auction gets under way.
Kindly note that members are required to register their names before the auction. A bid number will be allotted to those who have registered and they are required to use this number for bidding. At the end of the auction, invoices will be issued to successful bidders and payment has to be made to the Treasurer before taking possession of the items.
Happy bidding!!
To view auction items, you are invited to visit my Blog:
Niewmismatic Error Coins, these are the links:


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