Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 2001 Sen Elliptical Clip Error Coin.
Rarity: RRRR
Elliptical Clip: Oval shaped coin due to a complete blank punch overlapping a previous punch. Normally 'Elliptical' & 'Crescent' Clips created together.

Elliptical clips coins are one of the most desirable forms of incomplete planchets.

The finished coin takes the form of an oval. The coin may be struck within the collar or outside the collar. If struck within the collar, one side of the ellipse may nestle against the collar or only the tips of the ellipse may be in contact with the collar. 
Weight: 1.50gm (Normal: 1.74gm)
The first is an elliptical clip. You can see clear fish tailing around on the legends on the top part (Reverse: Clockwise 8 o'clock to 4 o'clock position) of the coin as this area was un-restrained by the collar. Conversely there's no fishtailing on the legends on the bottom part (Reverse: Clockwise 4 o'clock to 8 o'clock position) of the coin as this was constrained by the collar. Elliptical clips can also occur together with curved clips, straight clips, and ragged clips.
Diameter: 16.50mm (Normal: 18.00mm)
A number of theories have been advanced over the years to explain how elliptical clips occur.

In most cases it would appear that a blank hangs up in its hole in the coin metal strip. When the strip fails to advance properly, the blanking die slices through the “hanging blank” producing an elliptical clip blank and a crescent clip blank.
Composition: Copper Clad-Steel
Another, less likely scenario has a freshly-punched blank somehow getting trapped beneath the moving strip, lagging behind, and getting sliced through a second time by a blanking die.

This 2001 sen with an elliptical strike clip has reduced this cent to a small oval.


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