Malaysia First Series Banknotes "Sa-Puloh" Ringgit With A Forged Agong Watermark.
Bank Negara Malaysia began issuing currency notes on 12th. June 1967. These banknotes were in five denominations: $1, $5, $10, $50 and $100. A $1,000 denomination note was issued on 2nd. September.1968.

The basic design of these banknotes was common across all denominations. The obverse depicts a portrait of His Majesty the first King, together with the words " Bank Negara Malaysia". The words " legal tender", the face value and the signature of Tun Ismail bin Mohamed Ali, the first Malaysian appointed as the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, appear on the obverse of these banknotes. The reverse has the Bank Negara Malaysia logo, with a background of geometrical designs.

The banknotes' security features include a tiger's head watermark on the left and a security thread on the right.
However, there are always customers call up or visit my Dickson Niew Collection shop at Subang Jaya asking me to find them a "SA-PULOH" Ringgit banknotes with a "Agong" head watermark.

Few weeks ago, a group of gentlemen called me and later rush to my Dickson Niew Collection shop at Subang Jaya after I told them I got some copies of "SA-PULOH" Ringgit banknotes. They came to me just to look for a piece of  "SA-PULOH" Ringgit banknotes with a "Agong" head watermark

They offer to pay me up to RM30,000 if I can get them a piece of such banknote. They need one to  use it to "TARIK WANG". I told them that our Bank Negara has never issue "SA-PULOH" Ringgit with " Agong " head watermark, only the "Tiger" head watermark. They refused to accept my explanation.

I told them these are the game of syndicate. The representative of the syndicate will go a round to offer to buy a piece of  "SA-PULOH" Ringgit banknotes with a "Agong" head watermark with very high price. Then their gang members will produce the "SA-PULOH" Ringgit banknotes with a "Agong" head watermark to sell to you at a much lower price. You will buy it hoping that the earlier guy who offered to buy from you at a very high price will come back to buy from you. When you call him, he will reply to you that you are late, he already got a piece.

This is how they do the "SA-PULOH" Ringgit banknotes with a "Agong" head watermark. First, they will get a piece of original  Malaysia first series of  "SA-PULOH" Ringgit banknotes with a "Tiger" head watermark, then one of the member will order a stamping chop crafted with a "Agong" portrait that similar to the His Majesty "Agong" portrait on the obverse of our Malaysia banknotes. Next, they need to melt down a piece of white candle, then they will hold the stamping chop with "Agong" head gently touch the liquidized wax and counter chop on the "Tiger" head watermark of a "SA-PULOH" Ringgit banknote. The dried wax " Agong " head will look like a watermark.

So, please beware of such swindle !!
Please share with us if you know they have other method to do the forgery "Agong" Watermark.


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