Patani-Kelantan Forgery Tin Pitis SS70
When I was offered these two pieces of Patani-Kelantan tin Pitis, I was very eager to have them because of their near perfect condition. There were mixed together with another 8 pieces of different models of Patani-Kelantan tin Pitis.
I have in my collection couple pieces of SS70 Patani-Kelantan tin Pitis but there were all having holes caused by air trapped during the casting process.
Original Pitis
Original Pitis
Original Pitis
When I received them from my trusted dealer from Petani, I kept them in my tin coin album without much suspicious.

Not until I parted one of the two best pieces of the SS70 Patani-Kelantan tin Pitis in my collection to one of my regular customer, a lawyer by profession. I shared my collection with him because he showed keen interest on Malay States Sultanate coinages at his young age.
He read my article on " How to detect a counterfeit tin coin" on my BlogSpot. He cross checked on some tin coins that I sold to him and he found out his SS70 tin Pitis is soft and can draw lines on white paper. I refunded his money.
Upon checked through all the rest of my SS70, my best piece is also a forgery.

Happy Niewmismatics!!  


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