Numismatic Awards Nite By Kelab Warisan Numismatik Malaysia On 21-11-2015.
A very safe trip to arrive in Kuantan, Pahang at around 12.30 noon. Among numismatists arrived at the same time at Shahzan Inn Hotel were Mr. Selvam and friend Mr. Vishnu, Cik Idarina from Bank Negara Malaysia. While we were doing our check in, formal Master designer of Royal Mint Shah Alam Mr. Ismail Ibrahim also arrived with his beloved wife.
After a short meeting with Mr. Ismail Ibrahim, I visited the coin fair hall located on the first floor.
There were about 15 stalls of coins and banknotes dealers participated. Among numismatics items that were on displayed and for sales were modern Malaysia, Malaya British Borneo, Malaya, Straits Settlements, Malay States Sultanate Coinages, Counterfeits (For education purposes), Coupons, Japanese Occupation Malaya Banknotes, Reference Books and Catalogs, Numismatics accessories, error coins and banknotes etc.....

I was lucky to pick up two pieces of Pahang rare Tin Jokoh SS28 & SS33 in good very fine condition. I was also shown by Tuan Ahmad Nasyrudin, a piece of very rare and unlisted 1951 Premium Bond issued by Charted Bank. Shared by Jm Collections Mr. Maruis was a piece of rare Malaysia Parliament House series 1971 $1.00 Copper Nickel coin with defective planchet error. With Mr. Silmon Loo, we shared to authenticate a piece of Queen Victoria 1898 counterfeit silver 50 Cents. I also met many numismatists who used to visit my BlogSpot and facebook. A very cheerful day!

After a short rest, at 5.30pm we were grouped together at the function hall for the briefing of Sunday UMP/ProCINS 01/2015 Convocation progress and arrangement by UMP Dr.Azizan.

Saturday night....Numismatic Awards Nite 2015 by Kelab Warisan Numsimatik Malaysia (KWNM) headed by the club President; Dato Shahruddin.
(To be continued.....)


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