Patani-Kelantan Gold Kijang Kupang SS58.
COINS OF KELANTAN (1400 - 1914)
Between 1400 and 1780, a number of gold coins or kupang were known to be minted for use in Patani and Kelantan. Unfortunately, as these coins were not dated, the period when they were issued is not known. The Kelantan-Patani gold coins were only minted in one denomination, namely a kupang which contained approximately 9 grains of gold. There were three main types of Kelantan gold coins, namely the Kijang, the Dinar Matahari or Sun Coins, and coins with Arabic inscriptions on both sides.

The kijang coins derived their name from the motif of the Malayan barking deer or kijang embossed as the obverse design. This motif is used as the logo of Bank Negara Malaysia. This coin is believed to have originated from India and first issued in Kelantan and Patani when the religion in these states was Hinduism. Originally, the figure was ascertained by many to be that of a hump-backed bull which later evolved to a barking deer. These coins were undated and the known varieties of this type of coin show that they were used over a long period of time.

Obverse: A humped bull/Kijang (Deer) facing left with tail pointing down. No salivary flow down from the mouth.

Reverse: In Arabic "Al Adil" (The Just)

Edge: Plain.

Composition: Gold.

Several varieties exist.

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