Malaysia VVIP Proof Coins Set (10 pieces)1967 - 1972
Rarity: SCARCE
On 11th January 2016, when I arrived at Mr.Wong Hon Sum's home in Singapore, I was given a chance to view this very scarce Malaysia VVIP Proof coins set. This 10 pieces proof coins set was presented to long service senior officials of Bank Negara Malaysia Security Department on their retirement.
This set was awarded to Encik Abu Bakar Bin Daud for his long service as a bank security officer from 1st April 1969 to 1st July 1984. (15 year & 3 months). It was presented to him by the Governor and Members of Board of  Directors from Bank Negara Malaysia. The current owner of this VVIP Proof coins set is Mr. Tang Fook Foo (A retired BNM Senior Staff). He is also a senior numismatist in Singapore.
Since I had put on the existence of this VVIP Proof coins set on my facebook, I had received numerous of images of a similar set, but there were the images of a same set of VVIP Proof coins set that was awarded to an other retired Bank Negara Malaysia security official.
An other set known was presented to Tuan Haji Kadri Bin Haji Kilak Ali. He had served the Bank Negara Malaysia as a bank security officer from 5th September 1966 to 30th December 1982. (16 years & 3 months). This set is now owned by a collector from the Northern region of Peninsular Malaysia.

It is a wooden cum pewter box with 10 holes covered with blue satin cloth to secure the 10 pieces of proof coins. There were the 1967 Copper 1 sen, Copper-Nickel 5 sen, 10 sen, 20 sen & 50 sen Proof coin; 1969 10th Anniversary of Bank Negara Malaysia Commemorative Proof Silver Ringgit; Scarce 1971 Copper-Nickel Proof Ringgit of Parliament House Series; 1971 Copper-Nickel Proof 5 Ringgit of Parliament House Series; a very scarce 1971 RM100 Commemorative Gold (18.66gm) Proof coin of Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman & a 1972 Copper-Nickel Proof Ringgit KL City Commemorative coin.

I sincerely welcome your comments, feed back for more information and the total mintage of this Malaysia VVIP Proof Coins set. Thank you very munch in advance !

To be listed in our next up and coming The Collectibles Auction Asia No.7/2016, (CAA) Auction to be held on 23rd April 2016 in Singapore Landmark Village Hotel.
Happy bidding !!


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