Malaysia Bunga Raya 50 sen 200? Counterfeit Coin Attracted To Magnets

Press Release

Ref No : 06/06/2008
Embargo : For immediate release

Clarification on fake 50 sen coins

Recent news reports alleging that a large number of the 50 sen coins in circulation are fake is incorrect and misleading.

Investigations by Bank Negara Malaysia revealed that such forgeries are isolated cases and the amount involved is insignificant. Bank Negara Malaysia works very closely with Polis DiRaja Malaysia in addressing cases of currency and coin forgeries, and actions are promptly taken to apprehend those who are involved in such criminal activities.

Members of the public should continue to use 50 sen coins with confidence.

Source:© Bank Negara Malaysia, 2016. All rights reserved.
There were beautifully struck in UNC to BU in condition. If without good experience and assisted with a 10X magnifying glass,you may mistaken on most of the counterfeits for an original coins. The counterfeits looked more high grade than a UNC original 50 cents coin.....
I don't see any of these  Malaysia Bunga Raya series 50 cents counterfeit coins minted after year 2009.......
The result show that Malaysia 50 sen counterfeit coins are not in alarming state. I took the coins from 4 different place/people in Klang; A friend, ...


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