Kedah Unlisted Quarter Real Coin Of Mukarram Shah 1204 A.H.
Rarity: Unique/Unlisted
I received this crude (copper) coin from my numismatic friend in Thailand, it was found at Nonchik, Patani.

I was searching through Mr. Saran Singh book, "THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF THE COINS  OF MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE AND BRUNEI 1400-1967." but to no avail. To solve my queries, I showed images to Dr. Kong, Tuan Haji Rani and Dr. Ibrahim Bakar, the President of  Masdinar.
Instant replied by Dr. Kong, " The Arabic inscription looks like Kedah : Mukarram".

Tuan Haji Rani took a close looked, confirmed to me it is an unlisted Silver Quarter Real of Kedah, Arabic inscription is "Shah" &  "Mukarram" but more thing to study on this crude coin.

Then, I received a good comments from Dr. Ibrahim during Hari Raya holidays. He replied :"I agree this is a quarter real, or more accurate term for this particular coin is Quarter Darham. The reading on the faces is 'Mukarram Shah', laqab/ gelaran used by few sultans of  Kedah. Even not very clear, I suggest the correct date is 1204, falls on the reign of Sultan Abdullah Mukarram Shah (1194-1212 A.H. = 1778-1797). He was the son of Sultan Muhammad Jiwa. The word 'Mukarram' appears on one side, and 'Shah' on the other side. Both combine become Mukarram Shah." (Most Honorable King)."
Dr. Ibrahim Bakar added: "This coin is unlisted. Congratulation!."

Kedah Silver Quarter Real.
Obverse: Arabic inscription:"Mukarram"
 Reverse: Arabic inscription : "Shah" 12-4 (1204)
Edge : Plain

Weight: 0.979gm.

Diameter: 12.57mm.

Composition: Silver + Copper or Copper ?

Rarity: Unique/ Unlisted.


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