Malaysia Full & Partial Brockage Strike Error Coins.

Pic.(I).Queen Elizabeth.1961.20 Cents.
Perfect/Full-Mirror Image Brockage.Reverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
Brockage Errors can only be created when there are two planchets involved.One of the planchets will always be a struck coin that has not properly ejected from the press.This struck coin will find its way back between the dies and either the obverse or the reverse will be struck into a blank planchet that is subsequently fed into the collar.The image of the struck coin will be impressed into the blank planchet,the result of which will be a second struck coin with the proper image on one side and an incuse,inverted image of the previously struck coin on the other.This incuse,inverted image is a brockage.

Brockage Error coins are categorized under the group of STRIKING ERRORS.

It may looked very similar to an Indent Error Coin with the difference being the coin was indented by an already struck coin as opposed to a planchet.

Pic.(II).Partial Brockage.
Brockage Error Coins may be Full Indent (Pic.I)   or Partial Indent (Pic.II) but the indent exhibits incused mirror images of the coin that caused the brockage.(Pic.III).

Pic.(III).The incused mirror  image of star. 
The larger the affected area the more desirable the brockage.
Early strike brockages which show nearly perfect images are by far the most desirable.


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