Malaysia Tallies or Checks.


Tallies Or Checks.(Dickson Niew Collection)

Queen Victoria.One Cent.Obverse.
Tallies or Checks are issued by companies or individuals and they used them as work check, redemption tokens,coupons, tickets or even as your identification tools.
For instant, they pay to the coolies at the harbour as work check tally for each separate carry of coal from stack to vessel or vice versa, they use it as proof of purchased of a ticket to board a ferry, they use it as a  coupon to redeem a packet of sugar in the estate,or they use it as identification tool to enter an illegal gaming center or as a recognition tool to proof that you are a member of their group,e.g.the secret societies.(Kongsi-kongsi Gelap).

Queen Victoria.One Cent.Reverse.

In those days,metal minting and printing in small quantity is very expensive,so conveniently they used existing coinage to counterstamped or countermarked it to make a different.Numbers and alphabets are incused deeply countermarked on the obverse or reverse,some rare tallies were counterstamped on both the obverse and reverse.

King George VI. One Cent.1945.

Alphabet and numbers of C.27 were countermarked on the reverse of this Malaya. King George VI. One cent copper coin.

Brass Planchet.


  1. Whoa, these are interesting!
    Now, we understand why some coins we encountered have alphabets on them.
    Thanks alot for sharing, Dickson :)

  2. Dear Whycollect,welcome your comments.Happy to know that you enjoyed the sharing.Best regards.