I always told my friends and new coin collectors,the cheapest and easiest way to acquire coins that you are looking to add  on to your collections is going through your pockets,money-box or piggy banks.Then,go after piggy banks belong to your family members,relatives,friends,colleagues or even strangers.You will find uncirculated  pieces,mint errors and rare coins.The longer the period they keep the coins in the piggy bank,the greater the chance you will find some 'big surprices'! I always enjoyed this type of "treasure hunts"!

In 1997,I met a friend,Mr Wong working as a building maintenance supervisor in Kuala Lumpur.His hobby is keeping 50 cents coins.Once,I visited his new home in Seremban,I saw a lot of big frog and elephant porcelain piggy banks (you can buy those at the junction of Air Hitam,Johor) lying on the floor in his living hall.
Before I ask,Mr Wong challenged me to pick up one to bring it home.I tried,I can't even move them an inch. He disclosed to me the content of those piggy banks are all 50 cents coins.I just can't imagine how many pieces are there in those piggy banks.

At the end of year 2007,when I started to be more serious in collecting coins,especially the Parliament and Bunga Raya coin series,I tried to find him whom I  had lost contact for a long time.In year 2010,I found him and visited his home.I don't see anymore of those piggy banks lying around.He told me he had surrendered and deposited all his 50 cents coins to the bank in the year of 2003.A total of almost fifteen thousand ringgit worth  of 50 cents coins were delivered to the bank,that makes up to a total of about 30 thousand pieces of 50 cents coin.

Till today,I have not come across anyone who have owned as many as almost 30 thousand pieces of 50 cents coin like my friend Mr Wong.

I am sad to miss the chance of 'treasure hunt' those coins.I am very sure there are many 'surprises' in there.
Well,hope to meet the next Mr Wong.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Whoa, 30,000 pieces!
    Great if we could lay our hands on them, haha.
    Treasure hunting for coins.
    Yes, we find this the most thrilling part.
    Probably, we have no choice too.
    Couldn't afford to spend too much buying expensive errors.
    So got to make do by scavenging through all those virgin hoards, haha.
    But its fun.
    Its sort of like fishing.
    Waiting for hours just to wait for a real big one to take the bite.
    Just that, in coins, we go after them, lol.
    Nice article, Dickson ;)

  2. Dear Whycollect,Thank you for your comments!
    This morning,when I 'treasure hunt' thru some coins in my pocket,I discovered a 2010,10 Cents Rotated Die Errors-90 degrees rotated.It has been a long time to search and encounter a 2010 Mint Errors.Will post this Rotated Die errors ASAP.Bros.Keep HUNTING!

  3. This is a great story. I wonder how much space that coins occupied Mr. Wong house? Unlucky because you cannot search for the gems in that pile of coins.

  4. Easily twenty 'ekor' of those giant frog and big elephant porcelain piggy banks! Apo nak dikato!!

  5. very interesting true story. Mr Wong's passion made the history of collecting 50 sen coins.

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  7. Hi there Mr Dickson, your blog has been truly informative & interesting. I have been an on and off collector, now trying to revive the hobby for my little one.
    The 1971 10cent & 50 cents 1967/68 without security line has always been illusive & also price wise (lol), but recently i tried and a guy: is selling them. My question is this the real deal? Hope you can help & look forward to hear from you.
    Thank you

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